Zakynthos Naval Museum

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Location: Tsilivi

Naval Museum of Zakynthos: The Naval Museum of Zakynthos offers some very important insight on the development of the merchant and military navy, and the great impact that certain events had on the Greek navy, such as the Greek revolution, the two World Wars, and other decisive events, all included in the Naval museum records.

However, Zakynthos does not have just one naval museum, but two. The most popular is placed in a neoclassic building located in Bohali neighborhood, on Strani Hill, at the back of Zakynthos town. This area is very well reputed since it inspired artists of the great statue of Dionysios Solomos, who composed the Greek Anthem. The imposing panoramic views Bohali offers are still very inspiring and can be comfortably enjoyed from a good diversity of open-air restaurants and taverns.

The Naval Museum of Zakynthos, along with other interesting places like the Venetian castle or the St George of Filikon Chapel, are the main cultural points in Bohali. The museum is well worth a visit for its complete collection of navy items and records. In fact, it shows all the different concerning facts of the naval environment from the 18th century to the present.

This includes different instruments and ship miniature models, as well as many naval costumes and artifacts, like boats and torpedoes, belonging to the Greek civil war and the first and Second World Wars. The museum also shows some interesting books and pictures.

However, many of the elements displayed at this naval museum are not limited to the 18th century. It counts on different models of ships belonging to the whole Byzantine Empire, which ended in the middle of the 15th century. This vast record of the Ionian Islands navy allows for following its development during the last centuries.

The other naval museum in Zakynthos is Milanio and is located in Tsilivi. The museum displays unique pieces of art which are found exclusively there. In addition, it has some photos and other historic elements on the same line of the naval museum of Bohali. Both naval museums are worth a visit for the panoramic views of Bohali and the sunny beaches of Tsilivi as they provide important and picturesque sights of the Greek historic development and culture heritage.



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