Zakynthos Vrysakia Aqueduct

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Location: Argassi Village

Vrysakia Aqueduct in Zakynthos Greece, Ionian: One of the numerous sights and attractions of Zakynthos is the Vrysakia aqueduct, which is located near the town of Argasi. Several remains of buildings have been discovered in this area, such as a bridge on the beach and the remains of a church. The ruins of an aqueduct, which was probably used to distribute water to these areas, are also to find there.

The aqueduct of Vrysakia is not easily reachable, since a non-asphalted road leads to it, which is also hidden by vegetation. Unfortunately, there are no signs and you have to count upon directions from the locals, but once you have found the road, it will lead you all the way to the countryside from Argasi.

Tourists with a sense of adventure would love to walk to this structure, as the view is magnificent. Time stands still in this quiet area, with only sounds of insects and birds reaching your ears. Tourists looking for relaxing moments in the pure nature should definitely visit this site.



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