Introduction & General Information

Meganisi island is a small island that lies to the east of Lefkada. It is approximately 1.5 miles from Skorpios and approximately 4 miles from Nydri. The island has got a permanent population of about 1,200 inhabitants. It covers an area of almost 20 sq km. The village of Katomeri that is located high above Vathy is the capital of Meganisi.

During prehistoric times, Meganisi was known as the Island Taphos. This name was taken from Taphos, the son of Poseidon and the ruler of the region. The first reference of this name was found in the works of Homer.

Meganisi is a nice holiday destination. Meganisi, despite being small in size, has plenty of beaches where people can enjoy sea sports. Sea caves are the most important attractions in Meganisi. The famous Papanikoli Cave is one among them, situated on the west coast of the island. This cave got its fame because it was used as a hiding place for submarines during World War II.

Meganisi has got regular ferry services with Nydri that is situated on the east coastal zone about 16 km south of Lefkada. From Vathy, there are regular boat connections to Ithaca and Kefalonia and also to nearby islets of Skorpios, Mandouri, and Sparti.

The people who stay on Meganisi are mostly farmers and fishermen. The main cultivation of this village is vines and olives. There are large olive groves growing on the slopes. The area once had several olive-presses, but only a few of them survive today.

The olive-press of Panoutsos at Vathy was recently undertaken by the Municipality of Meganisi to restore it into an industrial museum. The wells that were opened at various points on the island shows its agricultural significance. At present only a few wells still work.

Meganisi is an island of natural beauty. It is peaceful and hospitable, without many cars and noisy activities. Many footpaths cover the island and the narrow roads, which have little traffic, are ideal for walking. The residents love their island and take good care of it.