Meganisi Local products

Fishing and farming are the main activities that the locals of Meganisi are involved in. The most important crops cultivated are olives and wine. Hence, Meganisi is the ideal place to buy original Greek wine and olive oil. Another famous product, ouzo is locally made liquor, served with seafood delicacies. Products made out of goat and sheep milk are popular here. In some locations, you can find special cheese made of goat and sheep milk.

There is a festival dedicated to sardines where the roasted fish is prepared mouthwatering. Nature has gifted the villages with fertile soil suitable for all the cultivation of all types of vegetables and fruits. Meganisi is one of the Greek islands where you can find a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Almonds and honey are other important products and many delicacies such as thyme-infused honey are made out of them.