Meganisi Geography

Meganisi is a small island on the southeastern side of Lefkada, only 4 nautical miles from Nidri, to which it is frequently connected with excursion boats and ferries. The geography of Meganisi is pretty mountainous. It is a lush green island with beautiful, clean bays. The beaches are small and pebbled and they are surrounded by trees and short vegetation, so they create a wonderful environment to relax.

Meganisi has few permanent inhabitants who live in the three villages of the island: Vathi, Spartochori, and Katomeri. The capital, and also the port of Meganisi, is Vathi, while the other two villages are located in the mountainside. Narrow roads run the island and pass through gorgeous landscapes.

On the southern side of Meganisi, the landscape is dotted by nice sea caves, like the caves of Yovani and of Papanikoli that played an important role in local history. In fact, these caves were used as shelters of warships and submarines during the Second World War. Also, in the Greek Revolution of 1821, the fighters would use these caves to hide and to attack the opposite coasts of the mainland.

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