Meganisi Architecture

Meganisi is a small island in the heart of the Ionian Sea and one of the most picturesque in Greece. it is surrounded by three beautiful settlements, each one with its own unique characteristics. Meganisi island is a small paradise, opposite Lefkada that combines the authentic with the modern and the traditional with the luxurious.

The architecture of Meganisi is based on the traditional art and natural landscape. The charming settlements consist of traditional Lefkadian houses built with plain materials from the island. The architectural color is apparent mostly in the port of Vathy with elegant houses with their wooden balconies and the large French windows that express the friendly and appealing atmosphere that attracts many visitors.

The island is full of unique architectural marvels that remained untouched by the time. The port is surrounded by the lovely old houses whereas a walk in the narrow paths of the town will surprise you with the colorful architecture and friendly atmosphere. The churches and monasteries of Meganisi Greece are of particular interest surrounded by the green landscape, on the island's most favorable locations.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.