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General information

Paleochora Village Kythira: Paleochora is a pure marvel and it is really worth the visit. It is the ruined medieval ancient capital of Kythira located 20 km from Chora. During the Byzantine period it was known under the name of Agios Dimitrios.

This little town was built on the north-eastern side of the island, northwest of a deep cliff. It is set on the hilltop, at the head of the amazing Kako Langadi gorge, where two deep canyons join. It is surrounded by a sheer 100 metres drop.

It is a perfect example of the 13th century architecture, similar to Mystras and Monemvasia. Paleochora is fortified and lower than the surrounding hills but it is invisible from the sea, which used to protect it from the many pirate raids that were plaguing the island for many years.

Despite those precautions, the terrifying pirate Barbarossa managed to find and destroyed it in 1537, selling all the inhabitants as slaves. From that time, the city has never been reconstructed because it has been considered a place of bad fortune.

This wonderful site is full of fine Byzantine churches and chapels, like the church of Agia Barbara or the churches of Panagia, which all have remains of nice wall paintings and frescoes. The gorges form a small lake of great beauty and ecological value.

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