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Town Village Kythira: Chora is the capital of Kythira, built on the southern tip of the island, on a high hill overlooking the stunning beach of Kapsali.

The lovely settlement is dominated by a Venetian castle built in 1503 on top of the hill above Chora. Within the castle are preserved ruins of Venetians buildings and 21 Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches with really nice iconostasis and frescoes. Beautiful houses encircle the medieval site offering a breathtaking view towards the picturesque Kapsali and Filoti bay.

The traditional layout of Kythira consists of elegant Venetian mansions and old buildings lining its narrow streets. Whitewashed houses and old castle buildings built under the British rule and during the Venetian period co-exist peacefully and compose a striking image that attract many visitors.

In the quiet central square of Chora there is a bank, telephone centre, post office, police station and a nice choice of rooms and apartments. Well-hidden souvenir shops are found along the quaint alleys. A stroll around the town can be a fascinating experience. It is really worth seeing the old stone built churches, the magnificent buildings and the delightful gardens that adorn the entire settlement of Chora. Along the waterfront you will find a nice choice of fish taverns and excellent restaurants facing the port of Kythira.

For those interested in the history of the island you shall visit the Archaeological Museum located at the entrance of Chora and the Historical Archives of Kythira which is found right at the castle.

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  • ablutsauger 21 Oct 2016
    Kythira's Gold
    Castle of Chora is what makes Kythira look representative. It's position and view over the port make it a remarkable experience. There are also informative panels on the location to get you a little bit of history.
  • ablutsauger 20 Oct 2016
    Small and Informative
    The archaeological museum is located at the very entrance to Chora, on the left, so you cannot miss it.
    It is very small but very informative and fully equipped with interactive touch screens, films and descriptions, everything provided in English as well.
    Very nice experience.
  • ablutsauger 16 Oct 2016
    Classic Old Town
    Chora is visually the most live part of Kythira. It is your typical old town, with live colours, narrow streets and souvenir shops.
    It's most famous and distinguished part is certainly the castle, which alone makes Kythira a desirable island to visit.
    It is close to Kapsali, so you can always combine these two for walking, shopping, eating and historical insight.