Corfu Local products

Discover the local products of Corfu!
Because of its mild climate and frequent rainfalls, Corfu boasts fertile land that produces a variety of excellent agricultural products. The island is particularly famous for its olive oil, wine, cereals, and golden honey. The products of Corfu are used extensively in the local recipes. Below are some mouth-watering specialties of Corfu which have been influenced, over the centuries, by the Sicilians, the Venetians, and the French that once occupied the island:


Pastitsado is a local specialty that derives from the Venetian Spezzatino and is one of the most beloved dishes of locals. It is made of beef and gravy cooked with tomatoes and accompanied by thick pasta.


Sofrito is a dish that consists of beef stewed in a white sauce and has Franco-Venetian origins.


This dish is a favorite during the celebration of March 25th or during Palm Sunday and consists of fried fish served with a succulent rosemary sauce.


Bianco is not a dish, but more of a way of cooking. It features a kind of fatty fish (like cod, white grouper, or dusky grouper) cut into slices, onions, potatoes, garlic, parsley, lemon and pepper.


This is a liqueur and a spoon sweet made from a fruit similar to lemon. Kumquat has become the trademark of the island, as it grows exclusively in no other part of Greece.


Mandolato is a black and white nougat, another trademark of Corfu Island. It is made of sugar or honey, nuts and egg whites, while it may sometimes contain candied fruit, too. 

Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is the traditional refreshment drink of Corfu. It was brought by the English in 1860 and its production goes on till today.

Ice creams

The handmade ice cream is pure heaven and offers palatable tastes following the fruits of the season.

Wine and Wineries

Corfu is particularly famous for its wines which have become a tradition for the island. No heavy industry is producing wines; they are all made from private vineyards owned by families or small associations.
Corfiot wines have no chemical additives and the most popular are:
Kakotrigis - A white wine that can be either sweet or dry.
Petrokoritho - A dry, crimson wine.
Skopelitiko - A red, dry wine.