Corfu Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer, the traditional refreshment drink of Corfu: Ginger beer is a popular soft drink left in Corfu from the British ruler in the 19th century. Locally known as tzitzibira, it is served foamy and iced in a bottle. This tasty drink is prepared with fresh lemon juice, water, sugar and ginger brought from the East. Traditionally this mix would be stored in stone jars and dipped in cold well water for a period of 3 weeks. But now it needs about five days to mature.

Produced in Corfu since 1860, there are many small businesses today on the island that make ginger beer. Some producers put a bit of alcohol in it while others don't. It is usually served chilly and it is foamy, that is why it is called beer. Ginger beer also has some healing abilities, as ginger is good for nausea and improves blood circulation.