Corfu Ginger Beer

Ginger Beer - the traditional refreshment drink of Corfu: One of the most widely known Corfiot products, Ginger Beer is a soft drink refreshment that was first introduced to the island by the British back in the 19th century! Becoming quite popular through the years of British rule, the people of Corfu slowly made it a part of their identity and tradition.

This semi-spicy drink, also known as tsitsibira, is made out of simple, everyday ingredients! All that is needed for you to make ginger beer is a non-glass bottle (preferably a plastic one), grated ginger, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, a good amount of sugar, some water, and dry yeast!

Nowadays, plenty of local micro-producers are making Ginger Beer, whereas many also infuse it with quality alcohol. In addition, the drink features a naturally-forming foam without being carbonated by the producer! Moreover, it is said that ginger boasts a wide variety of therapeutic qualities, such as helping with nausea, improving blood circulation across the body, and being a help in treating heart disease!