Greece Traditional Products

The Greek cuisine is famous for its delicious recipes that are based on fresh, local products. Everywhere you travel in Greece and the Greek islands, you see different traditional products and drinks.

One of the most characteristic of traditional products in Greece is olive oil. Olive trees are seen almost everywhere in the country. The Greek olive oil is famous for its purity, the exceptional taste, and the high nutritional value. The highest-quality olive oil is produced in Crete island, Laconia, Kalamata, and Lesvos. The olives are also frequently used in Greek salads.

Wine is also a very traditional product in Greece. Almost every tavern in Greece has its own house wine, made from local producers. Very famous is the wine of Samos, Nemea and the varieties Robola from Kefalonia and Vinsanto from Santorini. Over the last years, an effort is made to bottle and export Greek wines.

Other famous drinks from Greece are ouzo, tsipouro, and raki. Traditional liqueurs are also gradually becoming famous, due to their unique taste and aroma. Greek traditional liqueurs can be of any fruit or flower, such as rose, kitron, mint, mastiha, cherry, and many others. Teaspoon sweets are also delicious, served in small quantity as they are very sweet and accompanied by a cold glass of water. You will find spoon sweets made of cherries, grapes, roses, figs, berries, bergamots, citrus, even from eggplant sweets.

Another traditional product in Greece is honey, usually thyme honey. The most delicious is the honey you will find in kiosks in mountainous roads. In these kiosks, you will also find herbs, like oregano, levanta or chamomile, gathered directly from Greek nature.

Many varieties of cheese will also be found in Greece and almost every place has its own cheese. The most famous Greek cheese is feta of course, but very delicious are also graviera from Naxos, kefalotyri, mitzithra, metsovone from Metsovo, kasseri, kalathaki from Lemnos and formaella from Arachova.