Beers of Greece & the islands

What many tourists do not know is that, apart from other beverages like wine and ouzo, there are also original beers in Greece produced in different areas of the country There are many breweries in Greece but also microbreweries in the mainland and the Greek islands, with some beers served all around the country and others only locally.

Discover some Greek beers and their breweries.

Mythos, a light straw-colored lager beer, is one of the most popular of all beers in Greece. So are the other two large Greek breweries, Alpha and Fix. Alpha is produced by the Athenian Brewery and it is exclusively made of Greek barley, having a light taste. Fix Beer was first produced in Greece in 1850 and although the brewery closed down in the late 20th century, it opened again under the new administration in 2009.

Apart from these large Greek breweries, there are also many microbreweries around the country. The Macedonia Thrace brewery produces Vergina beer and has also started exports since 1999. Piraiki Microbrewery gives blond pilsner with elegant perfume or the brown Pale Ale with fruity flavor.

Rethymnian beer originates from Rethymno Crete. This is an organic beer with fresh authentic taste. Very special is also Volkan Beer, produced in Santorini. This beer comes in blond and black and has a special taste due to its ingredients: honey and mineral water from Santorini and citron from Naxos.