Eastern Aegean Festivals

Information about the Festivals on Eastern Aegean islands, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many islands of the group: the Eastern Aegean islands give you the challenge to discover the beauty and their traditional features which are shown throughout the local festivities and religious celebrations in honor of their saints.
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Religious festivals


Many festivals take place in August and more particularly on the island of Ikaria. If fact, Ikaria is the most famous location in Greece for its religious festivals and there is a feast almost every day. These festivals are panigiria and take place in the square of the churches of the island and consist of people gathering around traditional music players and dancing all night long till the early hours.

July 22nd

On July 22nd celebrates the Monastery of Agia Markella, the protector of Chios island. This feast lasts for 3 days. As part of the pilgrimage, many people go on foot from Chios Town to the Monastery of Agia Markella, on the northwestern side of the island.

November 21st

The Feast of Panagia Spiliani is celebrated on the 21st of November in the church of Panagia Spiliani, near Pythagorio, Samos island.

Panagia Kakaviotissa in Lemnos

The church of Panagia Kakaviotissa on Lemnos island celebrates on Tuesday after Easter and is an important feast for the island. Many people go to this small church on foot through a 20min walk dirt road.

Cultural events

Wine Festivals of Samos

Many wine festivals take place on the island of Samos in August. The Greek island of Samos is world-famous for its delicate taste.

Icarus Festival in Ikaria

The Icarus Festival-Dialogue Between Cultures takes place in August on Ikaria island and includes mostly music concerts and dance performances from Greek and foreign groups.

Discover the festivals in each region

Information about the festivals in the regions of Eastern Aegean: