Lipsi Geography

The island of Lipsi belongs to the complex of Dodecanese Greece. It is actually a cluster of small islands whose history started pretty recently. The largest and only inhabited is the main island of Lipsi. The island is pretty flat with no large hills or mountains. The highest peak is Skafi at 277 m, found at the western side of the island. The rest of the landscape is great for trekking.

The geography of Lipsi mostly distinguishes for the gorgeous beaches. The coastline of Lipsi has interesting coves and nice beaches. These beaches can be both sandy and pebbled, but the water is always crystal. Many beaches are found in a walking distance from the main town, including Lientou, Kambos and Elena, while others need a little trek to go there, such as Hohlakoura and Katsadia. Most of them are not organized and provide all the privacy you need in holidays.

As the landscape of Lipsi is not very mountainous, the soil is pretty fertile. In fact, agriculture is a main economic source for the inhabitants of Lipsi. In particular, very extensive is the production of wine and honey. If you try some trekking, the landscape of Lipsi will give you many spots with a gorgeous view of the Aegean Sea.

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