Lipsi Architecture

The largest village and capital of Lipsi, Lipsi town, is one of the most secluded Greek islands and spreads amphitheatrically between a low hill and a safe port. The architecture of the village is traditional and constitutes of low houses with flowered gardens, narrow paved streets, small squares, and lovely churches.

In Lipsi island, there are no Neoclassical mansions that we may find in other Dodecanese islands. The architecture of Lipsi is more simple and most houses have one or two floors the most and they are surrounded by beautiful gardens.

The interior streets are narrow and the central square has a historical monument. On a hill above the town, there is an impressive church dedicated to Agios Ioannis Theologos (Saint John the Theologian) whose yard gives an amazing view to the port and the Aegean Sea.

The buildings outside Lipsi Town are mostly family hotels and rooms to rent. There are few such buildings in the beaches of Lientou, Kambos and other beaches in a walking distance from the town. Around the island, there are also many lovely chapels.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional architecture.