Lipsi Festivals & Cultural Events

In the tiny island of Lipsi, visitors will enjoy various religious festivals (called panigiria in Greek) and many cultural events are held in summer.

Religious feasts & festivals

Panagia Harou
The most important religious festival in Lipsi takes place on August 23rd, dedicated to the church of Panagia Harou. There is a glorious mass to honor Virgin Mary the previous evening followed by a great feast with traditional music, dancing, and local delicacies. Many pilgrims arrive from the neighboring islands of Lipsi.

June 24th
Another religious feast that is worth to attend in Lipsi is on June 24th, where locals celebrate Agios Ioannis Klidonas (Saint John). The custom of Klidonas is revived in many Greek islands. The residents light fires in the squares and jump over them.

Cultural events

Summer events
In summer, there are theater performances, musical concerts, photo and painting exhibitions in Lipsi Town.

Traditional wedding
The custom of the traditional wedding also revives in summer in Lipsi and the celebration lasts for two days.

Wine festival
As Lipsi is an island with rich wine production, a wine festival takes place usually the third week of August.