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You can travel to Syros from numerous places across the world, but you must first make a stop at the International Airport of Athens.

The airport of Syros does not receive flights either from other countries, or other Greek areas, with Athens being the only exception.

Nonetheless, travelers can fly to Santorini or Mykonos, the two cosmopolitan islands of the Cyclades which boast an international airport each, and then take a ferry to Syros.
Note that there is at least one ferry a day connecting Mykonos and Syros throughout the year.


National Flights

The National Airport of Syros (JSY) is located 3.5 km from the port of Ermoupolis.

Flights from Athens

Domestic direct flights to Syros depart from the International Airport of Athens throughout the year. During the high season, their number increases in order to serve the individuals who select the island for their holiday.
The only company offering flights to Syros is Sky Express and their average duration is 35 minutes.


International Flights & Airlines

Since the airport is not international, it is not possible for it to receive flights from other countries.
Boarding a plane from Athens is the only option for people who want to reach the island via plane.



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