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Would you like to walk on an island that hasn't been spoiled by tourism? Nature can be so great that most tourists on Serifos island like its atmosphere of peace and freedom deriving from the fact that not many tour packages include this beautiful place in their destination tour lists. Serifos, in the Aegean Sea, is part of the western Cyclades. Located South of Kythnos and North-West of Sifnos some 170 kilometres far from Piraeus, the island is quite small and has a permanent population of about 1,400 people.

Apart from being an extremely beautiful place, this typically Cycladic island is closely related to Mythology. Acrisius, king of Argos, was told by an oracle about his grandson, Perseus, killing him when the child grew up. So he decided to cast Danae, his daughter and her boy adrift at sea, just floating by in a fragile wooden chest. It is here on Serifos where that particular ship came ashore. And it was from this location that some years later he set off to kill the spooky Medusa.

With just 5 kilometers of the paved road going along the fertile valleys, this non-crowded place is ideal for those who want to know an almost desert island. The coastline is all there for the traveler to enjoy his or her intimate holiday in the most authentic and traditional of the towns in the area, and get to know its people. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation with stunning views on an almost desert island because you are fond of beach life and contact with nature, Serifos is for you.


14 Reviews
  • joan562 28 Dec 2010
    Discover the value of Serifos
    Serifos is an ideal place to spend quiet and peaceful vacations. I personally believe that it is among the most attractive islands in the Aegean Sea. It is about 5 hours from Piraeus until you reach Livadi, the port of the island. Bare in mind that it is actually a small island and you can not do many things.

    Chora is the capital of Serifos that rests upon a hill from where you have the opportunity to enjoy a great view all the way down the Aegean Sea but I'm afraid you have to walk a long way to reach it. I recommend you explore the island where you will love the style of the architecture, the narrow streets and the churches, all typical characteristics of the Greek islands. I heard that Serifos has more than 116 churches while most of them were rebuilt to a great extent.

    Unfortunately, I was not pleased with the food in all cases but I didn't really care. However, I have to be fair, there are some great taverns in Chora where you will have the best dishes.

    Trust me when I say that the beaches of the island are a chance to ignore anything negative you may find about this island. All Serifos beaches are known for the crystal clear waters and some of them are full of trees and some others full of pebbles. Livadi and Livadakia are long sandy beaches whereas Megalo Livadi is smaller and it has trees that provide shade that you will definitely need. This beach is full of tourists and it is well organized. The best part is that you can easily reach other beaches in case you want to try something else.
  • agiagnoli 17 Dec 2010
    The place to enjoy calm holidays
    Serifos is a typical Cycladic island. Arid mountains, dry air, clean atmosphere, blue and crystal waters, amazing beaches, hot weather softened by the local wind melteni. Tourists are mostly continental Greeks and some Italians. People are frendly and warm.

    Accomodation is basic and simple but good enough. Prices are not very high but not specially cheap. If you like to enjoy a calm holliday, Serifos is your place. The food is about the same you can taste around the Cycladic Islands. If you like tomatos, green peppers, aubergines and baby marrows, you will not find other place than Serifos. Try also the local cheese and lamb and forget the fish not because of its quality which is excellent but because of its price. Most of the restaurants and tavernas are placed seaside. People normally eat outside taking benefit from the warm wheather. There's a small night life, with some bars and clubs. Most activities are concentrated in Chora and the beaches close to Chora.

    We stayed at the port to be close to ferry because we hate draging suitcases here and there, especially under the heat and the carless villages of Cyclades. Livadi and Livadakia are the easiest accessible beaches from the port and they are very good actually. A bit organized with soft sand and lovely taverns. The most usual place for our meal, right after swimming.
  • piet.laan 30 Aug 2010
    Wonderful walkings
    We were on Serifos for a week in April 2010. Good temperature, sometimes a little windy, no rain. We did not use a car and we did not miss it. We have made walkings every day and enjoyed the landscape, the many birds and butterflies. Also the great number of small churches and chapels were often worth visiting.
    Hotel Naias was up to our wishes.
    It would have been nice if bus services had been more available to Gamena, Mega Livadi and Kentarchos, but taxis (Iannis!?) were a reasonable alternative.

  • asdf 16 Jul 2010
    Have a cap for walking
    We stayed in Livadi, which is the port of Serifos, in a quiet and comfy hotel with some great views of the sea, the harbor and the island. Suited us fine as it was just a short walk to the village centre and the beach. We traveled around by bus, although the service was much infrequent to certain remote parts of the island.

    Being a tiny island, Serifos is actually a walker's paradise full of walking trails and beautiful landscapes. We learnt this when we were forced to go on foot on some occasions, when the bus was too late coming. Anyway, we did manage to get around Serifos without much hassle. Always have a cap with you, not much shade in Serfos and summers could be a bit too hot for a hike up the hillside. Beaches are nice and not very crowded. Chora is a beautiful village and has cafeterias in the best spots, so that you sit down and enjoy the coffee plus view.
  • zoekour 05 Jul 2010
    Gorgeous view to sea
    We travelled to the Chora of Serifos which was perched high up in the mountains by taxi from the port, where our accommodation was. Short journey with several hairpin bends rallying back and forth on the cliffsides until the taxi took a halt at the village square. We trudged up to the main square called Pano Piatsa. It was a charming place, a good portion of which was occupied by tables and chairs of cafes and ouzeries. We stopped at the Zorba, a large taverna with doors and windows painted a bright blue. We had some traditional seafood mezedes and continued our climb up on foot.

    At the summit of the village, we came across the Church of Saint Constantin and the view from there was amazing. On our return to the lower square of Chora, we stopped at Karavoumbas, a charming ouzeri, for a couple of tsipuros (ouzo minus the anise) and some traditional dishes. The next day, we toured Livadi.

    After you pass the shops, cafes, tavernas and tourist shops, a dirt road takes you to the long beach of Livadi. We spent a lovely day swimming and exploring the tiny coves along the beach. For dinner, we headed for Stamatis, a traditional beachfront tavern that serves some amazing seafood and meat dishes, grilled or oven cooked. There are music bars in Livadi to entertain you all through the night, but we crashed out after a sundowner at one of the cafe bars on the beach. We stayed in Serifos only 2 nights but think they were enough to see all you have to see.
  • jonathan_r 22 Jan 2010
    Time flies with swimming and eating
    There isn't much to do in Serifos than walking and eating! I found the best gyros in Serifos, in a small place at the square! Swimming is also nice but if you don't have motorbike it is hard to move. Buses rarely show up on time. Our hotel was in Livadi and I liked to see the ferries coming in and out of the port day and night. We rented an ATV and in the evening we went to Chora for a drink. Livadi has a few bars but in Chora it was more fun. Just be careful when you drive at night because the road has almost no lights at all!!! This gets very dangerous especially if you had a couple more drinks. We often waited the sunrise to go back to the hotel. After all, the bats don't close till sunrise and it was much fun to dance all night long.

    Agios Sostis and Megalo Livadi were nice beaches with clean water. Some historical old mines are above Legalo Livadi and they are connected to a strike that happened there about 100 years ago. This is actually the only site to see on Serifos. Otherwise, you swim and eat, and swim and eat... And time flies, believe me! We stayed 6 days in Serifos and I don't know how the hell they passed!
  • marjvall 11 Sep 2009
    Heaven on earth
    The ferry from Piraeus to Serifos was like taking a cruise. very pleasant and easy. This was my first time to Serifosand I found it beautiful in all resects: beautiful villages, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, beautiful weather, beautiful blue skies. Service was also good, the staff was friendly and pleasant, they wanted to talk, always smiling and eager to get to know you. Agios Yiannis was my favourite beach but all of the beaches that I visited were amazing. Clean, clear water, sandy beaches with tamarisk trees shading them. Heaven! My only advice is to book ahead. It can be difficult to find accommodation if you just "show up".
  • bettyisl 12 Jul 2009
    Relax in total peace
    Another small Greek island in the middle of the sea! Serifos is nice and traditional as all the Cyclades islands. The port is small and you will need to walk up to Chora. Our studio was in Chora and the balcony had great view to the sea. I like balconies here in Greece and I like that each room has its own balcony. You can drink and coffee and relax, see the view and the people that pass by, read a magazine, do a crossword. Balconies are so nice, it is like a private place between your home and the world...

    Anyway, Serifos... Serifoswas nice for vacations but you don't have to stay long. I guess three or four days are enough to see everything and then move on to another island. Stay more only if you don't like travelling or if you want to relax in total peace. Food is great everywhere and people will treat you with a big smile.
  • agnest 07 May 2009
    Make ferry schedules better
    What Serifos really needs is more ferries from Athens and more ferries to close islands. I was there last June (the tourism season had not started yet completely) and only a couple of ferries were running from Piraeus. I first went to Serifos and then wanted to go to Paros, but there was no direct ferry. This was very unconvenient, especially for a country like Greece which bases a lot of its economy on tourism. I think Serifos is only connected to Folegandros, Kythnos, Sifnos and maybe Milos.

    Serifos is a wild island with very rocky landscape. Almost no greenery, except for some small green-yellow bushes. Most Cyclades islands are like this, aren't they? Beaches are not that great, very small and pebbled, but very quiet if you want to relax. I was surprised not to see a club on the island, maybe they hadn't opened yet in early June. Anyway, I was not that interested in clubbing so I didn't mind.

    Except for Chora, there are no real villages in Serifos. The rest settlements have a few houses, gift shops, taverns and hotels. But Chora was very quaint and picturesque. It is built on a hill and gives nice views. If you are not swimming, spend you afternoon in the cafeterias of Chora drinking frappe (do not drink much of it, it is a strong coffee) and looking at the sea.
  • annek 27 Nov 2008
    Do some hiking
    I have travelled to Greece several times since 1979, it is my favourite country for real vacations. This year, I spent three days in Serifos before going to Sifnos. The best part of the visit is the walk from Livadia to Chora, and back. The church at the top of this hiking trail gives a fantastic view to the rest of the island. We found the best beach on Serifos at a tavern in the lower part of Chora, with a terrace overlooking the bay of Livadia. The "Yacht Club" bar in Livadia was also nice but quite expensive.
  • brig995tt6 09 Oct 2008
    Wild landscape and great beaches
    As we were looking for a non-touristic island, Serifos sounded perfect for us. And it was actually a quiet island with wonderful beaches and wild nature. If you are looking for some sights to see, I think the remains of the mines are great. The landscape there is really imposing and the old ruins create a beautiful atmosphere. For good beaches, try Livadi and Psili Ammos. In the evening, walk in Chora and have a drink with view to the sea.
  • vikivam 02 Apr 2008
    Amazing beaches and homemade food
    I visited Serifos last July and stayed for only a week. I got there by ship from Pireaus, the trip was fine but I have to say that we arrived with two hours delay. The island was beautiful and its people friendly. The food was homemade but a bit expensive. However, the beaches were amazing!! We would swim all day long and in the night we would go to the Yatch Club. My favorite area was Chora, with those narrow streets and the picturesque houses. If I could, I would definitely stay in Serifos for more than a week.
  • susana 25 Oct 2007
    Chora is very picturesque
    The trip to Serifos from Piraeus was very good and fast. All the villages and beaches I visited were very nice. I can distinguish Ganema beach as the best on the island. The capital of Serifos, Chora, was very picturesque with all the whitewashed houses and the cobbled alleys. The bar I liked most was the Yacht Club. Generally, the quality of services on Serifos was slightly above average...
  • Mckain_J 25 Apr 2007
    Fantastic beaches
    One of the most beautiful places that I have been to. The beaches are fantastic, the water is so clear and the contrast of the turquoise water with the landscape is very beautiful.