Introduction & General Information

Would you like to walk on an island that hasn't been spoiled by tourism? Nature can be so great that most tourists on Serifos island like its atmosphere of peace and freedom deriving from the fact that not many tour packages include this beautiful place in their destination tour lists. Serifos, in the Aegean Sea, is part of the western Cyclades. Located South of Kythnos and North-West of Sifnos some 170 kilometres far from Piraeus, the island is quite small and has a permanent population of about 1,400 people.

Apart from being an extremely beautiful place, this typically Cycladic island is closely related to Mythology. Acrisius, king of Argos, was told by an oracle about his grandson, Perseus, killing him when the child grew up. So he decided to cast Danae, his daughter and her boy adrift at sea, just floating by in a fragile wooden chest. It is here on Serifos where that particular ship came ashore. And it was from this location that some years later he set off to kill the spooky Medusa.

With just 5 kilometers of the paved road going along the fertile valleys, this non-crowded place is ideal for those who want to know an almost desert island. The coastline is all there for the traveler to enjoy his or her intimate holiday in the most authentic and traditional of the towns in the area, and get to know its people. If you are looking for a peaceful vacation with stunning views on an almost desert island because you are fond of beach life and contact with nature, Serifos is for you.