Serifos Geography

Serifos is a small island that belongs to the western Cyclades. Geographically, it is located between the islands of Kythnos and Sifnos and it is only 3 hours ferry ride from Piraeus. Sandy beaches and picturesque coves dot the landscape of the island. The inland is pretty wild and has some small hills. The highest peak of Serifos is Troulos, at 587 m.

The most famous beaches of Serifos are Livadi, Megalo Livadi and other beaches on the southern side. The northern side of the island gets a bit windy. The main village is Chora, built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill and with great views to the sea. The other villages are mostly tourist resorts that come alive only in summer.

The geography of Serifos distinguishes for the mines located on the western side of the island, near Megalo Livadi. These mines were very popular in ancient times and provided Greece with material to construct houses and temples. Its exploitation started again in the late 19th century and played an important role in the recent history of the island. Today, they are closed.

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