Serifos Architecture

Serifos is an island with characteristic its Cycladic architecture. The architecture of Serifos has typical cubic houses, flat roofs, colorful wooden windows and narrow paths blending all together to create a magical scene where time stands still. The island's jewel is the beautiful Chora, a perfect example of a fortified settlement built amphitheatrically on the rock, on top of which lies two beautiful churches.

Among a series of old windmills that once adorned the entrance of the town, only two survive today while ruins from the rest can still be seen. The heart of Chora consists of two picturesque quarters with two and three-storey houses which connect with the lovely narrow paths as well as a great number of quaint churches. Piatsa Square is surrounded by a few Neoclassical buildings, like the Town Hall of Serifos.

The most important architectural monument of Serifos island is the Monastery of Taxiarches and from a distance it looks like a fortress, considering its defensive character. It was built in 1600 and visitors will admire the beautiful wall frescoes that survive to this day. In Koutalas, you will see the ruins of a castle, known as the Kastro tis Grias and the remains of a marble structure dating to the Hellenistic times.

Although the architectural style of Cyclades Greece is worth admiring, a walk along the countryside will definitely catch your attention. Serifos keeps its original aspect and preserves many of the monuments from the Hellenistic age, like a small cistern and an oil press.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many of the traditional hotels that have respected the traditional Cycladic architecture.