Santorini Family Hotels


Although Santorini is mostly known for its romantic atmosphere and is a top destination among couples and honeymooners, it is totally possible to plan a family vacation to the island. Finding the right facilities to accommodate your family can be quite challenging, since many hotels offer only double rooms and suites for adults. In order to help you find an amazing place to stay, with facilities suitable for the whole family, we have created a list of the best family hotels in Santorini.

Discover some of the best family hotels in Santorini with us:

1. Aria Suites and Villas

Fira - 4 Keys | Website
Aria Suites and Villas

Aria Suites and Villas in Fira

Located in Fira, Santorini Aria Suites offers suites and villas with a large housing capacity that can accommodate families who are seeking an authentic Cycladic experience. Most of them are traditionally designed as cave houses, with modern furniture and a few signature antique pieces. Outdoor hot tubs or swimming pools are available in most of the villas and suites to ensure comfort and privacy, while no matter which one you pick for your accommodation, the sea views will certainly be stunning.

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2. Marillia village

Perivolos - 3 Keys | Website
Marillia village

Marillia village in Perivolos

Offering large outdoor seating areas, a shared swimming pool and an additional outdoor heated plunge pool, Marillia Village guarantees an amazing experience of accommodation in Perivolos. The hotel is located only 80 meters away from the beach of Perivolos and its suites and apartments have a modern interior design. Luxury bath amenities are provided for free and in certain suites or villas you will find private plunge pools or hot tubs. A snack bar and a garden with barbecue facilities are also offered at the resort.

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3. Santo Miramare

Perivolos - 4 Stars | Website
Santo Miramare

Santo Miramare in Perivilos

For beachfront accommodation in Perivolos, book your accommodation in Santo Miramare Beach Resort for an unforgettable experience! The resort provides minimally decorated and comfortable family rooms with interconnected bedrooms that can accommodate families of up to 4 members. Among its facilities, you will discover large swimming pools, a breakfast room and a fully equipped gym. Sunbeds and sun umbrellas are also available on the beach near the hotel, while the excellent services ensure an amazing stay.

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4. Sea View

Perissa - 3 Stars
Sea View

Sea View Hotel in Perissa

Only a few meters away from the beach of Perivolos, Sea View Beach Hotel provides elegantly decorated family suites and rooms with a warm atmosphere and a traditional Cycladic design. There are many great facilities on site, including a swimming pool, a bar and a restaurant. Luxurious sunbeds are also offered on the beach so that you can enjoy a carefree seafront vacation. A variety of convenient services will elevate your accommodation experience, such as private transfers, breakfast and more.

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5. The Tsitouras Collection

Firostefani - 4 Stars | Website
The Tsitouras Collection

The Tsitouras Collection in Firosefani

Constructed in the 18th century the renovated mansion that houses the Tsitouras Collection hotel is perfect for luxurious accommodation. The villas offered at the resort are family-friendly and can house from 3 to 5 people. Each villa has a unique interior design, with a vaulted ceiling or cave rooms, antique furniture and impressive decorative pieces. The aura of luxury is enhanced by a terrace with a swimming pool that offers amazing views of the sea, the volcano and the caldera at Imerovigli.

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6. Athina Luxury Suites

Fira | Website
Athina Luxury Suites

Athina Luxury Suites in Fira

Santorini Athina Luxury Suites promises an authentic experience of Cycladic luxury, accompanied by spectacular sea and caldera views. Blending perfectly into the picturesque scenery of Fira, the hotel offers cave suites with luxurious features that are suitable for families. With a housing capacity from 3 to 6, Santorini Athina Luxury Suites ensures a comfortable stay for everyone. Some rooms have a traditional style, while others are modern and they have all been equipped with stylish furniture. Private hot tubs and pools, cave bathrooms with rain showers and luxury amenities will truly make a difference!

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7. Andronis Arcadia

Oia | Website
Andronis Arcadia

Andronis Arcadia in Oia

Blending harmoniously into the Cycladic landscape and offering an infinity swimming pool with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the building complex of Andronis Arcadia Hotel consists of modern villas with a large housing capacity that can accommodate big families in a luxurious setting. The villas are fully equipped and spacious, with multiple bedrooms and large seating areas, as well as a calming atmosphere and an earthy-colored theme of design. Most of them come with private swimming pools and a luxurious sunbathing deck, which is perfect for guests who need a private and relaxing stay.

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8. Bellonias Villas

Kamari - 4 Stars | Website
Bellonias Villas

Bellonias Villas in Kamari

Situated in Kamari, the modern Bellonias Villas have a sophisticated interior design and offer exclusive access to a private section of Snatorini’s famous black beach in Kamari. The luxurious villas come with family-friendly facilities, including a swimming pool, a snack-bar and a sunbathing area. Some of the villas provide additional hints of luxury, such as private hot tubs. They are spacious and bright, with modern furniture, all kinds of amenities and a black-and-white decoration. In addition, top quality services are offered to ensure you have a great time.

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9. Celestia Grand

Celestia Grand

Celestia Grand in Messaria

An amazing stay for the whole family is certain at Celestia Grand, in Fira. The convenient location of this collection of villas guarantees some of the most impressive views of the sea and the volcanic caldera in the area. The villas are fully equipped and modern, with a design that is ideal for luxurious accommodation. Private pools and outdoor hot tubs with a view are offered, as well as large outdoor seating areas with stylish furniture. Inside each villa, you will find at least a few traditional Cycladic elements of architecture, such as cozy cave rooms, cave pools or arched doorways.

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10. Tholos Resort

Imerovigli - 4 Stars | Website
Tholos Resort

Tholos Resort in Imerovigli

Want to add a touch of luxury to your family vacation in Santorini? The facilities of Tholos Resort come with panoramic sea views in the area of Imerovigli. The suites available at the hotel have a cave house style of architecture and at the same time, they have been equipped with modern furniture. They have a minimal, yet elegant style, designed based on an earthy color palette that matches the island’s volcanic background. Private swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs are available in several suites, as well as other luxurious amenities.

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11. Rocabella Santorini

Imerovigli - 4 Stars | Website
Rocabella Santorini

Rocabella Santorini in Imerovigli

Ideally located for a peaceful and private vacation near Imerovigli, Rocabella Santorini offers spacious suites and rooms with stunning sea views and excellent spa facilities. A lot of its rooms and suites are family-friendly, with a Cycladic interior design and a housing capacity of 4 guests. At the hotel, you will find a shared swimming pool and a sunbathing deck with amazing views of the Aegean, while some of the suites may also feature a private pool or hot tub. The hotel offers breakfast, coffee and snacks and a variety of relaxing spa and beauty treatments are available at the spa center.

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12. Santorini Princess Presidential Suites

Akrotiri - 5 Stars | Website
Santorini Princess Presidential Suites

Princess Presidential Suites in Akrotiri

Santorini Princess Presidential Suites are found in a serene location near Akrotiri. The hotel’s building complex consists of spacious villas that come with swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs and have a beautiful Cycladic design. Each villa can accommodate families of up to 6 members comfortably. The hotel provides a variety of additional facilities for the best experience, including a bar, a restaurant and a fully equipped gym. Breakfast is offered, as well as a spa center for beauty and wellness treatments.

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13. Vedema Resort

Megalochori - 5 Stars | Website
Vedema Resort

Vedema Resort in Mehalochori

For families who would like to stay in a central location, Vedema Resort offers luxurious accommodation in a Cycladic environment. The hotel is a collection of suites and villas that can house from 3 to 10 people. They have an elegant interior design and are fully equipped, with electronics and other amenities. Many of them come with additional luxury features that will elevate your accommodation experience, such as private pools or outdoor hot tubs and jacuzzis. Dining facilities and a bar are available at the hotel.

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14. Kastelli Resort

Kamari - 3 Stars | Website
Kastelli Resort

Kastelli Resort in Kamari

Kastelli Resort provides rooms and suites for up to 4 people in the center of Kamari and only a few minutes away from the beach on foot. Each one of the rooms has a beautiful Cycladic style, with modern furniture and has been equipped with luxury bath amenities. The hotel offers amazing facilities for the whole family, including swimming pools, a breakfast lounge, a restaurant, a fully equipped gym and a spa center for relaxing treatments. Rooms service is available as well.

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15. Kalestesia Suites

Akrotiri - 3 Keys | Website
Kalestesia Suites

Kalestesia Suites in Akrotiri

Kalestesia is a collection of suites in Akrotiri, which can accommodate up to 5 people and have a traditional Cycladic design. Offering spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic caldera, the suites of Kalestesia combine excellent facilities with a charming style and a friendly atmosphere. All the suites are spacious, bright and well equipped, with comfortable seating areas and free bath amenities. Some of them feature their own private plunge pools or outdoor hot tubs with a view.

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16. Tamarix Del Mar Suites

Kamari - 5 Stars | Website
Tamarix Del Mar Suites

Tamarix Del Mar Suites in Kamari

Offering family-friendly apartments and suites with a warm atmosphere and an authentic Cycladic design, Tamarix Del Mar Suites is one of the best places to stay close to the beach of Kamari. The hotel provides a spa center, a swimming pool and a breakfast room among its facilities, while depending on the suite or apartment you choose, you may also have a private hot tub at your disposal. All the rooms and apartments are equipped with bath amenities and elegant wooden furniture.

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17. Aqua Blue Hotel

Perissa - 5 Stars | Website
Aqua Blue Hotel

Aqua Blue Hotel in Perissa Beach

The beachfront Aqua Blue Beach Hotel offers luxurious suites and apartments with an all-white interior design in Perissa and they are suitable for families who are searching for an experience of authentic Cycladic luxury and comfort. The hotel provides a variety of amazing facilities to its guests, including a spa center for moments of relaxation, a large swimming pool and a fully equipped fitness center. Breakfast is available every morning and you can also arrange private transfers or other special services.

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18. Sellada

Perissa - 5 Stars | Website

Sellada in Perissa Beach

Not only does Sellada Beach Hotel offer a swimming pool, but sunbeds and sun umbrellas have been placed on the beach of Perissa so that the hotel’s guests can have a relaxing seafront vacation. A snack-bar and a restaurant can be found among other facilities, while the hotel stands out thanks to its excellent services as well. Many of its apartments are designed for families that consist of up to 5 members, as they have interconnected bedrooms, a warm atmosphere and all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay.

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19. Thermes Luxury villas

Megalochori - 4 Stars | Website
Thermes Luxury villas

Thermes Luxury villas in Megalochori

With panoramic views of the Aegean Sea, the building complex of Thermes Luxury Villas has a traditional Cycladic architecture. This hotel has been specifically designed to offer a relaxing stay and all of its facilities have a calming atmosphere. There is a spa center and all the villas feature either a private swimming pool or an impressive indoor cave pool. The villas of Thermes can accommodate families of up to 6 people and nothing will be missing from your vacation, as they are fully equipped.

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20. Kampanario


Kampanario in Megalochori

Situated in Megalochori, Kampanario is a luxurious villa with a housing capacity of 5 that was initially constructed in 1926 and renovated in 2015. Featuring a hot tub, the villa has maintained its authentic Cycladic atmosphere and its rooms are currently well-equipped, with all kinds of modern amenities. The villa has two main bedrooms and there is a kitchen where you can prepare your meals as well. Car rental services are available and the villa is located very close to the local facilities.

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21. Aspronisi luxury villa

Aspronisi luxury villa

Aspronisi luxury villa in Megalochori

The fully equipped Aspronisi Luxury Villa can be found in Megalochori and offers panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. The villa is suitable for families of up to 7 people, since it has spacious rooms that can accommodate everyone comfortably. You will find a kitchen with kitchenware, 2 bathrooms with free bath products and numerous other useful; amenities. The upper floor of the villa opens to a balcony with an outdoor hot tub, where you will have some of the most impressive views of the surroundings.

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22. Meltemi village

Meltemi Village is a great option for family friendly accommodation in Perissa, at a short walking distance from the beach. The hotel features a large swimming pool in the shade of an exotic palm tree garden. Its rooms and suites are comfortable and cozy, with a nice Cycladic design. You will find both budget-friendly options and one with extra luxurious amenities, including private heated plunge pools. Meltemi Village offers a breakfast room where you can start your day as well.

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