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Akrotiri Santorini: Akrotiri is built amphitheatrically on the southeastern side of the island. It was originally a Minoan settlement; today, it is home to one of the major tourist attractions and the most important archeological site of Santorini. Unspoiled by mass tourism, Akrotiri constitutes one of the calmest spots on the island.

The Minoan town was destroyed due to a massive volcanic eruption around 1600 BC. Nowadays, the picturesque streets, the two-story buildings, the lovely frescoes, and a plethora of tools witness the way of life of the Minoans.

Today, the beautiful frescoes of the ancient city of Akrotiri can only be admired in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Some splendid houses are dotted around the village, while a traditional windmill also lies in the region. Many tour boats arrive in Akrotiri and tourists are scattered to the nearby beaches. Another place of interest is the Venetian castle that dominates the settlement of Akrotiri.
Akrotiri also boasts numerous churches, one of the most beautiful being the church of Agios Nikolaos, built right above the impressive reddish rocks on the way to the Red Beach.

The town features lovely hotels and a few local restaurants offering splendid sea views.

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Hemera Holiday Home


Hemera Holiday Home Villa is a luxurious, newly-built villa with elegant Cycladic architecture and modern amenities that will make you feel right at home. Combined with the undisrupted seascape and volcanic vistas along with the spacious sun terrace for comfort and privacy, a formidable scenery is ...



Villas Rooms Suites

With an impressive location on the edge of a cliff in Imerovigli area, Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites are an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a modernized Cycladic environment. The facilities of the hotel blend in with the landscape of Santorini and offer several modern ...


Acroterra Rosa

Hotel Suites

Acroterra Rosa Luxury Suites offer an unforgettable experience sweeping all visitors off their feet. The complex is built amidst a stunning landscape in Akrotiri, in the south side of the island, and overlooks the unique Caldera and the breathtaking sunset. It provides elegant, spacious suites with ...


Things to See & Do

Top Tours and activities

  • Discover Scuba diving

    Category: Watersports, Scuba Diving
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    Scuba diving, one of the most popular water activities, is available in Santorini. The island is as spectacular from under the sea, as much as it is over it. Dive to encounter the technicolor reefs and beautiful marine life!

    3 hours Map
    from € 90.00
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  • Sea Kayaking with Lunch

    Category: Sea Kayaking
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    Explore the south coast of Santorini by visiting marvelous beaches with black, white, and red sand, magnificent sea caves, and azure waters. Treat yourself after your return to the starting point with a Greek lunch at a traditional local tavern.

    5 hours Map
    from € 105.00
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  • Kayaking And Picnic At Red, White And Black Beach

    Category: Day Trips, Sea Kayaking
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    Discover the natural wonder that is Santorini’s caves, which turn blue when the lights hits the water. Red Beach is one of the best on the island. From here, you can explore the sights of the island, located in the south coast where your sea kayak activity will begin. Paddle along the coastline of Akrotiri, admiring many little caves and formations. You will reach Black Mountain. Explore sea caves along the way and enjoy snorkeling. Return to your starting point with a dose of adrenaline from cliff jumping at White Beach.

    6 hours Map
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4 Reviews
  • DR 10 Oct 2022
    Completely neglected
    A real pity but thee site is completely run down, not even one explanation of what you see and no one bothered to fence the dangerous areas. This is not a mist-see. Sorry
  • katharina schaller 16 Aug 2021
    Not really worth it
    Dirty and only with good shoes! Not really worth it if they would prepare the phates and take away the rsbish but that could be work????
  • dapdep 20 May 2008
    Visit the lighthouse
    While I was in Santorini, I went to Akrotiri by public transportation, which I had to wait for 30 minutes. My accommodation was in Fira and took me about 30 minutes to get there. The condition of the roads to the village was good. The trip was quite satisfying. I also used a map to know exactly where I am.
    The village is picturesque and authentic with small cubic houses but no flowers. It's situated by the sea and has beautiful surroundings. Also it has just a few churches. The local people answered well to our questions when we asked for information. They were probably used to so many tourists.
    The area has public telephones, mini market, restaurants, cafes and bars.
    My favorite thing about the village was the walk by the sea.
    We didn't see enough of the village to say a lot about it, but it looks OK. My tip for future visitors would be to go and see the light house at the beach.
  • Jean_P 01 Dec 2006
    Guided tours would be nice
    Nationality: French

    Age: 44

    -How did you get to Akrotiri village: By scooter/motorbike

    -Where is your accommodation located: At Fira camping

    -How much time did it take you to reach Akrotiri village: 20 minutes approximately

    -What are the conditions of the roads that take you to the village: Quite good

    -Did you enjoy the trip to Akrotiri village: Yes, the views are quite good but the trip at the beginning near Fira is not so good

    -In order to get to the village were enough signs in order to find it: It was perfectly indicated

    -Why did you choose this particular village: Recommended by: brochure/magazine/newspaper/internet site and because we were near and we wanted to eat. The ‘Guide du routard’ says there’s good and cheap restaurants to eat

    -How would you describe the village: Small cubic houses, clean, in the mainland, offering views, many churches, restaurants, cafes, cheap

    -Can everything, one might need, be found in the village: Telephone, mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops

    - Did the Akrotiri village meet your expectations? No Rate: 5/10 It is not a really big village but it is quite nice. We saw only the principal road of the village so we don’t know for the inside of the village

    - Favorite thing about the village: The restaurant where we ate

    - Is there anything that you don’t like about the village or things that should be done by the authorities to improve it or is something missing: They should try to create organized walks geological because there are lots of sites to see. To explain the tourists all the creation of the island

    - Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: To go and see the place

    - Would you come to this village again: If the site of Akrotiri is open we will come back for a drink

    Other recommend villages? Pyrgos, also the pedestrian streets of Fira. Also the sunset at Oia is really funny, to see everyone waits to see the sunset! Also the little walk we can do at Profitis Ilias