Paros Weather & Time to Visit

The weather in Paros Greece is similar to the one in the other islands of the Cyclades, typically Mediterranean, with hot and sunny summers, followed by mild winters. Because the island of Paros is surrounded by the Aegean Sea it is, like every island, very humid during nights. Like in every Cycladic island, the “Meltemia” (strong north winds) blow on Paros especially during late July to the middle of August; but because the island of Paros is located in the center of the Cyclades, Meltemia winds are particularly strong and, for that reason, the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) has chosen to organize the annual Windsurfing World Championship in Paros, in New Golden Beach. Naxos island is only a few miles away from Paros island so the weather conditions are approximately the same.

Average Air & Sea Temperature in Paros in °C
  April May June July August September October
Air 16 20 23 25 25 23 21
Sea 16 19 22 24 25 23 22

Best Time to visit Paros

The mesmerizing, cosmopolitan island of Paros is a welcoming summer destination in the Cycladic island complex of the Aegean Sea, where thousands of travellers spend their relaxing vacation.
But when would the best time to visit Paros be?
This is exactly what we will look into, so that every reader can pinpoint the ideal season to visit the island.

From the available accommodation, tickets, rentals, activities, tours and island exploration, there are numerous aspects to consider when booking your vacation to Paros.
Without further due, let’s unfold them down below.

Visit in High Season (Summer)

Booking Arrangements for Summer Vacation

Paros is a very lively and sought after summer destination in the Cyclades region, visited annually by thousands of travellers.
The best way of enjoying summertime vacation to the fullest is by taking the time to make all essential arrangements and reservations a few months in advance.
Accommodation, guided tours, island hopping bundles, vehicle rentals, sunbeds in popular beaches, dining reservations in upscale restaurants and popular taverns are strongly recommended in order to make the most out of your Parian vacation stress-free.
Most tours and hotels in central areas like the towns of Parikia and Naoussa as well near the famous bays like Golden Beach and Punda get fully booked during high season.

Weather Conditions in Summertime

Summer in Greece and especially the Aegean islands tends to be dry and hot.
In the Cycladic region where Paros is also located, from June until the end of August the weather is increasingly warm, with temperature reaching an average of 22°C to 27°C during daytime and it can drop to 20°C in the night.
Almost no rainfalls are expected during summertime.
In July and August, the seasonal meltemi wind blowing in the Aegean region helps maintain a rather cool ambience around the islands, protecting them from heat waves.
These conditions are also optimal for windsurfing and kitesurfing at many beaches of Paros.

Tours, Activities & Events

Summertime is when every tour, event and festival is most lively and a pole of attraction for many.
Paros offers a wide variety of excursions, day sailing trips, sea sport adventures, beachside partying and live entertainment events to select from.
A unique local celebration takes place in Naoussa on the 23rd of August called the festival of Pirates, with boys dressing up in pirate costumes.
A week prior, the Assumption of Virgin Mary on the 15th is one of the most important orthodox celebrations, attracting thousands of Greeks to the beautiful Paros island.
Throughout summer, the posh clubs and stylish cocktail bars are welcoming visitors for an unforgettable nightlife experience.

Island Hopping

Adding more Cycladic destinations to your Parian itinerary is a splendid way of connecting deeper with the region’s heritage and culture.
A great variety of island hopping bundles offers to every traveller the opportunity to meet, explore and create memories in the mesmerizing sister islands of Paros, such as Naxos, Santorini and Mykonos among others, that are easily accessible by ferry.
It is highly recommended booking them a few months in advance as they are very popular during summertime and you can get the best offers hassle-free.


Shoulder Season Visiting (Spring & Fall)

An ideal time period for visiting the picturesque and welcoming island of Paros is during the spring and fall.
With fair weather conditions, no large crowds in the towns and the seashores to slow down your exploration and moderate pricing, it is no wonder a surging number of travellers prefer it to the high season.
The blooming flora of spring as well as the unparalleled colors of autumn enhance the island with an inspiring and creative ambience.

During shoulder season, visiting cultural institutes of Paros, ecclesiastic monuments and hiking along the trails of Paros Park are highly recommended.
A number of religious celebrations take place in spring, such as Easter Holidays and the festival of Agios Ioannis Theologos in Drios (8th of May) and the festival of Agios Georgios in Agairia during April.
In March (the 25th) you can also enjoy a National Holiday with the locals.
Interact and celebrate with the locals while sharing a meze and ouzo with them for a unique experience.
Alternatively, island hopping is an excellent way of adding another Cycladic destination to your Parian itinerary and enjoying them with peace of mind.

When visiting in fall, the annual Trata festival taking place in September is a celebration for the sailors and fishermen where dancing, music and delicious fish barbeques take place for everyone to enjoy.
In October (the 28th) another National Holiday celebration can be experienced with the locals.

Booking Arrangements for Spring & Fall Vacation

Booking your accommodation for shoulder season visits earlier on is recommended.
Even though it is not as pressing as when visiting Paros in the summertime, two months before arrival is the ideal reservation time.
Dining reservations are optional for the most part but recommended if you plan on visiting during the Easter Holidays as the island welcomes many visitors.
Moreover, when you want to include tours and sports in the itinerary of Paros, it is recommended to book them a couple of months before arrival.

Weather Conditions in Spring & Fall

The shoulder season covers both springtime and autumn, when weather conditions are smooth with a few cooler days the closer to winter (like mid March and late October) and warmer ones closer to the summer season.
The temperature in spring ranges between 15°C in early March to 23°C in late May.
Additionally, expect about 25°C in September until early October, with temperatures dropping at about 16°C in November.
The few rainfalls do not create issues and the vast majority of tours, establishments and lodgings are operating.
Packing a warm jacket, sunglasses and light clothes is a great way to prepare for a fantastic time in Paros during shoulder season.


Off-season Visiting

In the recent years there is a steadily growing interest for the Cycladic islands during the low season of November to early March.
The ambience is significantly different from the popular seasons, but combines feelings of romance and serenity.
Paros in wintertime is welcoming the alternative visitors, hikers and honeymooners alike.

Additionally, there are unique events and celebrations taking place in wintertime that are worth attending.
One of them is the carnival feast that takes place all around Paros’ villages, along with vibrant costume parties in the towns of Naoussa and Parikia.
For travellers visiting around the New Year’s, the Epiphany orthodox celebration on January 6th is worth attending in the main Parian towns.

Booking Arrangements for Wintertime

In low season, the booking arrangements do not need to be made months in advance; accommodation options are limited compared to the other two seasons and naturally are expecting a small number of travellers.
Reservations can be planned about a month before arrival, mainly for confirmation reasons.
Take the time to inquire about the available services in the lodging of your preference, as in low season they tend to be limited in some establishments.
Restaurant reservations are only recommended during the winter holidays in Parikia and Naoussa, as they may get busier with Greeks celebrating them.
The majority of tours apply for the shoulder and high season, so individual visiting of cultural institutions, Paros Environmental Park and strolling through the picturesque villages and towns is the best way to go.

Weather Conditions in Winter

Compared to the warmer seasons, winter vacation at a Cycladic island is not for everyone.
Open water swimming is not recommended, as the sea water’s temperatures are about 10°C and below.
The air temperature ranges from 10°C to 17°C from late November to late January and rainfalls are fairly common during these months.
For these reasons a considerable number of seaside resorts are closed in the off-season.