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Located in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros island is the third-largest island of the complex. Third in popularity after Mykonos and Santorini, it is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Greece with very exquisite beaches and interesting architecture. Easily accessible by ferry or plane from Athens and from other islands, the island is preferred by both families and young people.

A typical Cycladic island, the architecture stands out due to the whitewashed houses, narrow streets, flowered balconies and picturesque churches all around the countryside. The coastline varies with rocky and sandy spots, but the water is always clean and crystal. Your favorite times will be swimming on the beaches and walking around the picturesque villages.

Parikia is the capital and main harbor of the island, where most facilities can be found. On the northern side of Paros is Naoussa, a picturesque harbor town with Venetian architecture and a romantic atmosphere. The small fishing port of Naoussa gets very lively at night as it is lined up with lounge bars, cafeterias and fish taverns. Another village worth visiting is Lefkes, the old capital of the island, located just in the center of Paros.

The most popular beaches are found on the southeastern side. There, the youth will enjoy themselves on the busy beach of Pounda with the all-day beach bars, the families will relax on the many sandy beaches of that region, while windsurfers will head to the Golden Beach and the New Golden Beach, two very popular beaches for wind sports. In fact, the Windsurfing World Cup use to take place every year on Golden Beach.

Apart from summer vacations, the island offers great chances to experience other hobbies, such as trekking, horse riding, and even yoga.

As Paros is located in the center of the Cyclades, holidays can be easily combined with trips to other Greeks islands and a visit to the neighboring Antiparos.

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54 Reviews
  • Mrs. Gill 13 Jul 2023
    Horrible experience
    Before I dive into the experience I had with the police here, i want to say that the staff at our hotel, restaurants, cafe etc have been extremely friendly and helpful. We stayed at Mr. And Mrs White and it was a great stay. However, last night we decided to go out for dinner in the busy part of town. We had rented a car (as we had on all the previous islands). Driving in Paros is not easy because of the tight streets. As such, we ended up taking the one way street and went down the wrong way. Three police officers pulled us over. One in particular
    Was extremely rude and aggressive. We are two sisters travelling with our 3 teenage daughters. He demanded our licence and passports. We could only provide our Canadian drivers license which he confiscated. He then threatened to
    Keep our licence for 21 days. We were astonished at how rude this man was. I have three police officers in my immediate family in Canada. Nobody would behave in this manner back home. In fact, this whole experience was an important reminder that we were indeed travelling in a foreign country and there are no hard and fast laws. We were told that we would need to explain our situation to the police captain the next day in order to get our licence back. We were also told that we would need to pay a fine of 100 euros. We accept that a ticket is within the realms of sufficient punishment (although a simple warning would also have been just as effective considering we were travelling on unfamiliar streets and in a new country). But the way we were treated was not acceptable. The whole experience has left us with a bitter taste towards Paros.
  • marylo77 04 Dec 2011
    A place to return
    If I had to describe Paros in few words, I would say it is a classical Cycladic island with nice people and fantastic beaches. It is my second visit in three years, the first time I didn't see that much except for beaches. It was wonderful, my wife and I strolled around the narrow alleys, we even visited some of the traditional villages, we loved the whole experience of discovering old settlements, beautiful whitewashed stone houses, flowered balconies and beautiful paved streets.

    People in Paros are genuinely friendly, on our last day there our host offered a large basket full of local products as a gift. Some of the best beaches include Golden beach and Santa Maria, and if you want some privacy there are so many little coves that combine crystal waters and nice sand. It is nice if you have a scooter or a car for the long distances. You can never get bored in Paros, there are few museums to visit and at nights it seems that the whole island is on the streets! More crowded than in the day!
  • escape33 31 Jul 2011
    Low age limit bothered us
    Paros is actually not for my personal tastes. I wouldn't say that I was disappointed neither impressed. It has a typical Cycladic beauty with its paved alleys and old churches, that I can say. Also I really liked the beaches with soft sand and crystalline waters. The thing that came as a disappointment was the teenage atmosphere. Most of the people in Paros were under the age of 18 and this became quite disturbing. To be honest we didn't stay in Parikia more than two days. Instead we rented a car and visited the villages that were at a close distance. Aliki, Marmara, Lefkes, were just amazing to walk them through. We really enjoyed the calm atmosphere and hospitality of the locals. I was impressed by the village of Marmara, all the houses were decorated with colorful flowers and well-cared gardens. Kostos is untouched by tourism and it is a nice choice for those who want calm vacation. Beaches were good, but rather crowded (at least the beaches we went to).
  • evangel121 02 Jun 2011
    Wonderful holidays
    I had heard a lot about Paros in the past. It is a typical Cycladic island with marvelous sandy beaches, quaint houses and great atmosphere. The first time I visited Paros was 6 years ago with my family. At that time I didn't get to see much because we were stuck at a wonderful hotel for 5 days spending most of our time there. Luckily I visited Paros last summer, I booked a cheap room, not worrying about the luxuries or anything else. I used the room only for sleep while the rest of the day was spent in long walks and swimming to some beautiful beaches. If you ever go, make sure you rent a car or motorbike.

    I saw some amazing villages forgotten in time like Prodromos, some km away from Paroikia with white washed houses and a special traditional style. I went to some tiny chapels and spots I will never forget. If you want to enjoy a calm place go to Alyki. There is a nice folklore museum between Alyki and the airport. In New Golden beach I took some windsurfing lessons and in Piso Livadi had the best fried fish. Great holidays, surely will remember them for a long time!
  • katharina 01 Nov 2010
    Made my heart jump
    Last summer, on a Sunday evening as I was going through a travel magazine, the picture of a beautiful Greek island caught my attention. It was Naoussa in Paros and the lovely picture of this hamlet immediately made my heart jump.

    A month later, I had packed my luggage and flew directly from Paris to this small Greek paradise. With so many beaches, villages, and archaeological sites at my fingertips, I was confused as where to start from. My room was in Krotiri beach Parikia and offered me an amazing view of the picturesque bay. The ferry lights from the port at night were so lovely! The good thing with Parikia is that the bus goes almost everywhere.

    Favourite beaches? Santa Maria, Krotiri and Piso Livadi. Piso Livadi in particular has amazing fish food, although fresh fish is very expensive in Greece as it is weighted by kilo.

    Best clubs? In Naoussa. Lovely places along the small port. Kastro Naoussa was a nice quarter to stroll around and check out the gift shops.

    About 5 days are probably good to see Paros. If you like watersports, you should know that the south eastern part is great for windsurfing, particularly Golden Beach.
  • rorylet 07 Aug 2010
    Fantastic beaches with sports
    I found Paros an interesting holiday destination, a combination of lovely beaches and historical sites, and a culture that is stubbornly Greek, despite the fact that tourism has made inroads into this little agricultural island. Paros in June is a wonderful way to spend a vacation. One of the most endearing things about Paros is that one has to pass dense olive groves and barley fields on hillsides to get to the places of interest.

    I booked myself into a small hotel at Naoussa, a charming village touted as the Kodak country for its great photo ops. The place was a 10-minute walk from the center of town, and the helpful owner gave us directions to some of the best beaches on Paros. Heading west from Naoussa, I came across a fantastic beach, Kolimvithres. Here there are rocky outcrops of bizarre shapes sculpted by the sea and the wind, and between the outcrops there are small coves of shallow lucid waters.

    Close by is the ruins of an ancient Mycenaean acropolis on a granite outcrop that rises to about 75 meters. The site is surrounded by thick walls that served to protect the settlement. I also visited the huge sandy beach of Santa Maria, a great place for water sports. If you like windsurfing, you should also know that Paros has one of the best windsurfing beaches in Greece, Golden beach, which gets filled with windsurfers, mostly in the afternoon. Many places to rent equipment there.
  • erdinch 08 May 2010
    Amazing break from routine
    From the hectic work schedule back home to a leisurely vacation in the small laidback island of Paros, a peaceful island of outstanding natural beauty- I could not have asked for a better vacation.

    Paros with its dramatic landscape and fertile valleys is the quintessential Greek island. For a beach bum like me, Paros has so much to offer: miles of golden sandy beaches dotted with rugged cliffs and unique rock formations.

    Swimming in the crystal clear aquamarine waters was an entirely new experience even for a seasoned swimmer like me, and I also decided to try my hand at windsurfing on Pounta beach, near Golden beach in Paros. Most of the beaches in Paros are lined with cafes and taverns that offer some of the tastiest food. Of gorgeous beach are Logaras, Kolimbithres, Krios and Ampelas.

    A week was enough for me to recharge my batteries and enjoy this amazing Greek island. The longevity of the Greeks is attributed to the healthy diet of fresh vegetables, seafood and locally produced meat cooked in olive oil. I wouldn't know about how many years I have added to my lifespan, but I sure have gained a few extra kilos with all the good food I tucked into.
  • zoekour 04 Mar 2010
    Sun sea and sleep
    My ten days in Paros ended up the most relaxing holidays for the last years. Sun, sea and sleep were the three "s" I needed for this summer. We booked in a family hotel in Aliki, southern Paros. This is the closest village to the airport and it could get busy in the day, but the planes passing over your head could not spoil the peace of the place. In late May, it was pretty much ourselves, the hotel owner and another couple in the hotel. The tourist season would start in about a month, so things were very quiet in this secluded beach of Paros. Also prices were a burgain! We paid 40 euros for a double studio, when the same room would cost 80 euros in July and 100 in August!!! Plus in low season you get more relaxing holidays and better service. Waiters are not running up and down, beaches are less crowded and cleaner. With a rental car we toured the island for two days and spent the rest in Aliki. Parikia and Naoussa were the most quaint villages but we also liked the small villages in the inland. Stop in the squares and have Greek coffee in the traditional coffee houses with the tables outside.
  • oliver_in 22 Feb 2010
    Back to my hippie youth
    I had visited Paros again 35 years ago so this time I said why not remember my youth? Things were much easier now than in the past and tourism has grown a lot in this beautiful island. Then I was a mindless hippie and would sleep on the beach or on the side of the streets sometimes(!!), but as you grow old you need more comforts. So we picked with my wife a small hotel in Naoussa, five minutes walking from Colimbithres and relaxed for about a week.

    There is not many things to do in Paros, except swimming, walking and eating. The scenery is beautiful and you can seat and watch the sea for hours. The weather was chilly in May and you don't get sweat from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep. Great for hiking, too. Also beaches have less swimmers and more space to move in the sea.

    Both Parikia and Naoussa are fabulous, but I liked most the small villages in the inland. We rented a car for two days and went around the island to discover the hidden treasures!! Indeed, Lefkes, Marpissa, Aliki were far more pleasant to me than the crowded resorts. If you are young, you will love Paros with the beach bars and the loud nightlife. If you are older, you will still love Paros but for different reasons...
  • bethth 18 Jan 2010
    An island to relax
    A week in Paros was enough to relax. This was our second time on the island last summer. It didn't change a lot since five years ago, only tourism developed even more. More beaches became organized, filled with umbrellas and sunbeds, and more bars opened in Naoussa and Pounta. I am not mentioning this as a good or bad point, just as a change. However, you must pay attention with this, because not all people come to Greece for the organized beaches. We come to Greece over and over again because we found peace there. Paros is one of our favourite islands not because of Pounta and Parikia, but for Naoussa, Lefkes, Piso Livadi, Alyki and all these lovely places that are neither isolate nor crowded.

    Paros in May and June is a delight. Tourists are few, prices are better and people are more calm. For quality nightlife, head off to Naoussa with the beautiful seaside bars and the tables right in front of the water. Sometimes, if the wind was too strong, the wave reached our feet. Such a nice feeling. For beaches, my favourite was Kolimbithres for the beautiful landscape, Krios and Logaras for the sandy, calm coasts. If you have extra days, take the ferry from Pounta and go to Antiparos to swim in even cleaner water.
  • Nicoletta 10 Jan 2010
    Keep things nice
    Our trip to Paroswas a fascinating experience. We checked in at a hotel in Naoussa in early July. This traditional fishing village is extremely picturesque and though it is quieter during the day time, there is an undercurrent of vibrant atmosphere at night. The entire village comes alive after the sunset. People come back from the beaches to have a drink, so they rush out in the streets all together and keep hopping from one night club to another till morning hours. The traditional charm and the touristy cosmopolitan vibe blends beautifully in Naoussa, better than Parikia I think, because Parikia has the noise of the streets and the port that gets tiring in the end.

    Most of our swimmings were in Kolymbithra, but we rented a motorbike for three days and went to the beache son the western side, Piso Livadi, Logaras and Golden Beach. You will not believe how many people go for windsurfing in Golden Beach! I saw in a brochure that there would be a windsurfing competition the next days! Pounta had a nice beach but it was far too crowded and I didn't like the noise of the beach bars and the silly things that some people do in vacations. It is sad that some think if they drink like hell, they will have fun... So sad thinking and it is a pity that you Greeks sometimes approve that kind of behavior. Don't try to turn your islands in a second Mykonos or Ios. Keep things nice to make a difference!
  • morvan 26 Dec 2009
    Cash better than credit cards
    Paros is a joyful island for holidays. It is a small island but you will need many days to see all the beaches of Paros. Personally I preferred Golden Beach for it has the perfect wind for windsurfing in Europe! Some coves around the Golden Beach are also nice. Pounta, close to Parikia, was far too noisy for my tastes. From there, we took the ferry to Antiparos (do not miss this excursion, if you go to Paros, you must go to Antiparos for one or two days!).

    The two main towns, Parikia and Naoussa, were busy but beautiful. If you need quiet, book a room in Alykes, a gorgeous calm place on the south. You will love the food everywhere you go on Paros. Just pay attention with credit cards. Small taverns usually don't take credit cards and they don't have a sign for this on the door!

    At the first time, we didn't know that and when we were ready to pay, the waiter said that they don't get credit cards. We were so embarassed because we had only a few cash with us. The bill was about 40 euros and we had only 30 in cash. Things went more embarrassed when we tried to explain the waiter and he couldn't understand us. There was not even an ATM close by to get some money.

    The waiter eventually called the owner, Mr Spyros, a short gentle man with some hard English accent we could barely understand. When I explained him, the owner smiled. Then said "OK, no problem. I will be here tomorrow. Come and give me the rest money" and just like that he let us go! Some Greeks are amazing guys, it is so pity that some others treat tourists badly... Of course, we returned the same evening to pay him and he even treated us a beer. Conclusion: To avoid bad conditions, have enough cash with you.
  • luca29 07 Dec 2009
    All about beaches and food
    This summer, I visited Paros with my cousins. We had been there to see the fantastic beaches of the island that we had heard so much about.

    We stayed at an apartment in Parikia, close to the main harbour of Paros. This place is also quite lively due to its exciting and vibrant nightlife.

    There are plenty of bars and nightclubs along the waterfront. The young crowds mostly hangout at these places. The Djs also churn out some famous international chartbusters for them.

    We mainly toured the beaches in the areas of Parikia and Naoussa. The beaches were very clean and had very good tourist facilities. The blue-green waters of the sea were warm and inviting. Some of these beaches attracted maximum crowds due to their water sport facilities.

    We noticed that the beaches used to get crowded from noon onwards. Alongside the beaches, there were nice little taverns, where we gorged on plenty of Greek salads and gyros that were simply delicious!
  • ilknur 15 Sep 2009
    More a teenager destination
    Paros didn't seem to me like a family destination, although I had gone with children (8 and 10). It was more like a teenager place. In fact, I saw many young people and you could also tell from the bars and clubs in Naoussa, Parikia and Pounda. Particularly in Pounda, things were wild and clubs stayed opened all day and night. If you are travelling with a family, like we did, prefer places like Aliki or Piso Livadi, which are more calm because the rest are very noisy, especially in July and August.

    Naoussa was lovely with the small houses and the streets and the small port has the best taverns in Paros. My kids went crazy with the grilled fish and the squids (they were frozen, of course, but delicious!). I suggest you rent a car for a day or two and see the inland. Marpissa is a beautiful village too and far away from the big tourist crowds. If we had a couple more days, we would also go to Antiparos, but unfortunately...

    The only thing that ruined our vacations was the ferry ride back to Athens. It was about 4 hours late and the worst thing is that the crew never apologized for all this mess ot gave us an explanation. I figured that these inconviences are frequent with the Greek ferries, but it is a shame when this happens, especially with so many tourists in summer.
  • ivana26 30 Aug 2009
    Nice and warm beaches
    I visited Paros with my friends, last month. We had gone there to see the fabulous beaches of the island that we had heard so much about. We stayed at a hotel in Parikia, which also has the main harbour. This place is also quite popular due to its exciting and enigmatic nightlife. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs in the harbour front. Drinks and music is very good out here. We visited the beaches in the vicinity of Parikia and Naoussa. The beaches were very clean. The azure waters of the sea were warm and inviting. There were water sport facilities at some of these beaches. It is best to visit these beaches early, otherwise they tend to get crowded from afternoon onwards. We spotted a lot of taverns and restaurants close to the beach area. Ate a lot of gyros and plenty of delicious Greek salads. My favourite beach on Paroswas Kolimbithres. It is all surrounded by giant granite rocks that divide the beach into small bays. The sea water is very clean and shallow there. It is basically a family beach. It also has a good parking facility and we had no problems in parking our car. Later on, we relaxed under the umbrellas with our favourite cocktails and watched the beautiful sunset.
  • karina27 10 Aug 2009
    Forced to relax there
    In Paros there wasn't a lot to see however the island forced you to relax and enjoy yourself. Paroshas gorgeous beaches and something for everyone. If you want strong nightlife, go to Naoussa. If you want little nightlife, go to Parikia. If you want remote places, go to Aliki. My husband in particular is a kite surfer, so for him Paros was heaven! Everyone we met were more than nice and spoke english, so we were able to ask for and receive what we wanted. We ate very well here almost everywhere we went. Only in restaurant Christos in Naoussa we received bad food, big bill and a rude waiter. For the ladies there is a new spa in Naoussa! Can't remember the name but the service and salon excellent! If you like yoga and meditation, check out the Taos center. There is also a great Thai restaurant there with a lovely view.
  • debra246yr 21 Jul 2009
    At the top of vacation list
    I truly and honestly loved Paros. I felt the balance of archaeological, architectural, natural beauty and the abundance of great food options made exploring Paros a wonderful experience. I have been raving about my visit to all of my friends.
    First of all, I enjoyed the food. From Gyro shops to the vast selection of Tavernas with all of the outdoor seating, I was in a food lovers heaven. My only regret is that I can't find a decent Frappe any where in California. I miss them so much. Next time I come to Greece, I will buy lots of Nescafe cans and take them back home. This is the only coffee in the world that keeps me awake! The only bad thing in restaurants was smoking. Create a non smoking environment. Way to mcuh freedom for smokers and this is offensive.
    Toilet facilites should improve (no paper in any toilets)
    Police should be much more active on too fast driving scooters and motorbikes
    Make the marble caves to a passable and informative attraction (tell the storry of the caves and the marble)
    Make a wine route (a programme to visit some of the local wine yards) like Moraitis
    Avoid all inclusive packages. You save more money but if you don't feel th traditional atmosphere of a Greek taverna, then it is like you haven't tasted Greek food.
    Put the Greek Islands at the top of your vacation lists. It is an amazing place to visit. I cannot wait to return. Perhaps in 2010. Stay on the islands in boutique hotels. It seemed a lot more fun than the cruise ship experience. You will feel the history and culture.
  • shir334 24 Jun 2009
    Have more activities for families
    Paros was picturesque in a different way to the other. The beaches lovely and restaurants appealling. We particularly enjoyed the water park for the kids and loved the historical aspects in Naousa. Transport is an issue, you are best to hire a car to access the many beaches and sites. The time we travelled there were many young school holidayers from the mainland which made it difficult in accessing the buses at the time we went. Also most buses would go to popular places on Paros and you didn't really get the chance to see the island, but a few famous beaches. Both Parikia and Naoussa had lovely restaurants. The smells of greek cooking made it difficult to resist. My children particularly loved the gyros and greek salads. You need more quick eateries though, sometimes it was hard to dine quick unless you sat. Also have recreational things to do for families in the evening, like pupper shows, festivals, book fairs, street theatres. It would be nice to give to Paros a tone more cultural than just another Greek island with nice beaches.
  • draga36 03 Jun 2009
    You never get bored
    You cannot get bored in Paros. There are always so many new things to do. A friend of me suggested this beautiful island and when I saw its pictures I knew I would love it. It looks so pictureque and cute! The beaches are absolutely beautiful. If it windy and the wind is coming from north (as it usually does), go to Monastiri, it is much protected than other beaches.

    The villages very charming with Naoussa being very typical and Parikia offering a lot of activities and exciting nightlife. Of course a lot of historical monuments but in Greece you never lack of it!

    The local food was very good and very fresh. I have eaten so much horiatiki salata! We have been to various types of restaurants and never been disapointed! The hotel owner suggested us some cheap good taverns to go. Don't be shy to ask the locals for information, they are always happy to help you. We stayed only a few days there and actually needed much more time to see more of the island. I would recommend for people to stay there at least a week.

    Also if you can, rent a car as public transportation is not very good and will limit you a lot in what you can see. Also the drivers could be a little more friendly and buses should be more frequent and not that extremeyl crowded. I think I would be very pleased to see a better organisation on that aspect.
  • ceriw 28 Apr 2009
    Enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere
    Paros was mostly nice for its villages. The organized beaches were many and water was very clean, but I believe you can find better beaches in other Greek islands (Crete, for example).

    But the villages of Paros were great: nice colour, cosmopolitan atmosphere, busy life. I think the best Cycladic villages are on Paros. Naoussa especially, which is a great place to relax. Wonderful, clean and picturesque. Parikia on the other side is busier. It has a nice centre but unfortunately, it is too loud and dirty along the harbour. It was also somehow difficult to get a table in a tavern in Parikia because they were always crowded.

    Greek food, though, was simple and good. Service was on a high level and friendly. Table menus are available in English and it's easy for tourists to choose their dishes.
  • joankam 03 Mar 2009
    Worth the extra expense
    Paros was very beautiful and clean but quite expensive. Americans have a difficult time now in Europe with the dollar been worth so little. However, we still enjoyed everything on Paros and it was worth the extra expense. Most taverns were very good, but one Crepe restaurant was terrible, serving us burnt food. She gave us something else though, which was OK. The locals were also wonderful and funny, although it was high season and they were very busy. Best beaches on the island were Pounda, Santa Maria and Kolimbithres. The best clubs were in Naoussa. Parikia was also fine but there was too much traffic in the centre, probably due to the port.
  • laurrench 23 Feb 2009
    To advertise or not to advertise
    We know Paros from the interior, so we very much appreciate all of it, although the Greek people could make a huge effort to be much more understanding, nice, comprehensive and smiling with the foreigners. The amazing beaches, delicious food and nice villages is the one side of Paros. I am not going to make too much publicity for Paros. Much better if it stays the way it is. Except for some things that need improvements. The roads, for example. It is extremely difficult to find the way and there are no directions shown on them. And the water. Pipelines should imperatively improve and toilets should flush normally.
  • elef33 24 Jan 2009
    Strong winds for windsurfing
    I have been to numberous Greek islands and enjoyed Paros immensely. We stayed in Naoussa, which is very picturesque and has better nightlife than Parikia. Food was excellent everywhere. Highly recommend Mitsi and Gyros both on the beach. And Kosmithos hotel is really nice and comfortable. You'd better try windsurfing in Paros, the best place to do it because of the strong winds.

  • AnnaChar 06 Jan 2009
    Strange age limit
    I think the best beach on Paros is Kolimpithres. Paros has also many other beautiful beaches and you can go there from Naousa with a boat, it's only 15 min. Nightlife of course is mostly at Naousa, which is the most picturesque village on the island. Historical monuments are found in Parikia. The church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani is one of the most famous in Greece!

    Food is also great on Paros. If you want to pay tooo much money to eat, go to Barbarossa restaurant at Naousa, we paid 4 persons 91 euros. Maybe the most expensive restaurant I have ever been to. Another time we ate at Meltemi tavern, normal prices and normal food, in Naousa again. The most famous tavern in Naousa is "Oreksi na cheis" which has gyros, souvlaki and it is very popular to young people who don't want to spend much money at food!

    The only problem with Paros is the age limit. It's a little bit scary to be 24 and feel really old!! Most people were 15-21 years old! But it is also for older people as well, as it has many things that are expecting you to explore!!
  • hannahrid 10 Dec 2008
    Drive off the beaten track
    Paros is great for families, for real Greece and for finding quiet secluded spots. Also lively towns with restaurants bars etc open late. Not a party island in the Ibiza sense but fun and lively when you want it and quiet and gentle when you don't. Great bus service to Parikia and out to the other towns and villages - it runs practically all night. Antiparos well worth a visit or to stay for a few nights and Lefkes was breathtakingly wonderful - you felt you were walking back in time and living history.

    Here in Paros, I had some of the best food I've ever eaten in Greece. Must try the Myzithra (local fresh cheese) which you can have on its own or instead of Feta on your greek salad. Delicious and varied local wines availabe, too. Lovely fresh fish and some of the best mousaka. And the cakes at the bakers were so good I can still taste them.

    The room was stayed in Drios was fantastic. The DK studios had the cleanest rooms I've ever seen, ever stayed in anywhere in the world and the owner family are the most lovely and hospitable people. Simply cannot fault anything about it.

    My best village was Naoussa. The best time to see Noussa was from 3pm onwards. The streets were quieter then and you could wander around until the sun goes down. Then head for the harbour for a drink and dinner. Even thought the island is small and you can get about by bus, it is worth having a bike or car for a couple of days to go off the beaten track.
  • hedvig23 10 Nov 2008
    Strong nightlife and great food
    There are not many famous historic monuments and the island isn't exceptional in its nature. Anyway, the beaches were lovely. There were both crowded ones, but around the corner there were also lonely beaches. The villages were beautiful with all the alleys and old, typical greek buildings. Naoussa was fantastic with buildings practically on the water. Also the nightlife there was over the top, with bars and nightclubs going strong during the whole night. The Greek food on this island is well preserved. I didn't go to a single restaurant where they served fries and burgers. The fish restaurants in Naoussa are fantastic and a must for greekfood lovers are the zucchini balls that was served on all restaurants. We also found a great, hidden little star restaurant about 5 km outside of Parikia, next to the Paroskite center. That restaurant was obviously well known for its great variation of wines and marvelous food. (Tom Cruise and other celebrities have flown in to Paros just to visit this restaurant). So, if you love greekfood that has not been over exposed, Paros is the place to experience it.
  • rousinert 06 Jul 2008
    Friendly island
    Last summer, I didn't work so I decided to come to Greece and find a summer job in Paros. I worked as a waitress in a hotel from June to September, when most tourists come to the island. I personally found Paros very friendly and enjoyed very much Parikia for its nightlife. Magaya beach bar was the best, with many people and nice drinks. Certainly swim in Parasporos beach and relax with a drink when the sun goes down.
  • brittasch 08 May 2008
    Perfect for me
    I was recommended by a Greek friend to go to Paros and I found a wonderful island to stay at my holidays. The villages, beaches,historical monuments and also the nightlife is great there. Definitely go to Pirate Club, it was my favorite. All the people on Paros are very, very friendly, especially the restaurant owners. Of course, the owners have to be friendly to tourists because they make money from them, but I personally believe they were genuinely welcoming. For me, Paros is perfect. Enjoy the most of it!!
  • despstil4 28 Mar 2008
    A successful choise for a bit of life
    I have been in many islands of Greece, I am Greek after all! But I hadn't been in Paros and this time I wanted to go somewhere with a bit of life and great beaches. I made a good decision, as it turned out! I really liked the food and restaurants, I ate great souvlaki at the port! Regarding the beaches, they were amazing, with clear water and exciting sea life, especially Kolimbithres beach. From the villages, I would say I had a great time in Lefkes. We stayed in a lovely hotel 10 minutes walk from Naoussa. Paros was a beautiful choice for summer holidays. The people there were great, too, which I find very important for the places I visit. They made our stay even more pleasant!
  • mvanhove 03 Sep 2007
    It is absolutely worth
    We have already visited a lot of Greek islands, but not the Cyclades, Paros is very central cyclad island and had a lot of Greek tourists! We liked that! Naoussa is very busy, nightlife, for young people, but beautiful to visit. Krios beach (were we staid) is nice, close to Parikia, more for families. Beaches on the windy side of the island are very crowded. Lefkes is beautiful to visit, Antiparos and the caves, nice trip for a day. Renting a boat (sailboat) with captain for a day is nice to do, discover small islands, swimming, sailing...
    We loved Greek food! The recommendations from the hotel, they were ALL so good, friendly, they speak enough english. There were some drawbacks, though, and several things need to be done... In Parikia, when the ferries arrive, it is always chaotic, of course so many people leaving the boat in one time. More police, please. Need more taxis in the evening; if your hotel is not in the city, you can come to the city, but it takes you so long (more than an hour) to find a taxi to come back. Or busses who runs untill midnight? Although it isn't so well now with a lot of tourists, it is absolutely worth. Stay on the Parikia side if your not a surfer and rent a car and discover the island!
  • Twiggy 19 Apr 2007
    Try everything you may be surprised
    Nationality: Belgian
    Age: 53
    Countries visited: 10-15
    The trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Alitalia and by boat with the Blue Star. The trip was good but there was one hour delay on the plane and one hour on the boat
    Reasons for going to Paros: I have been the country and I knew it was a touristy country
    Idea about Paros before arriving: I thought it would be less constructed, but a beautiful island.
    Favorite thing about the island of Paros: Calmness, beaches and discovering the island.
    Anything negative about Paros island or needs improvement: The signs are not always clear most of the time in greece and the information office is really little and not attractive.
    Recommendations: Be ready to live like a greek and not eat french fries everyday! Try everything you may be surprised.
  • Simon 27 Mar 2007
    I fell in love with Paros
    Nationality: British
    Age: 45
    Countries visited: 5-10
    I arrived on the island by boat with the Panagia Hozoviotissa. The trip was good with no delays. The Journey took longer than expected at 9 hours from Milos
    Reasons for going to Paros: Have relationship with the place (ancestors, friends). I have friends in Athens and I always enjoy my time in Greece. Greece has always and will remain my favorite mediterranean destination. I have never been to Paros before and fell in love with it. We stayed in Naousa
    Idea before going to the island of Paros: I decided to stay in Naoussa as I like what I had read in my guide books. It was described as beautiful with lots of character. I was not disappointed. Also the beaches were wonderful with nice sandy areas and clear waters. I felt that all the local people I met were friendly and helpful.
    Recommendations for future visitors to Paros: I visited the island towards the end of the season and am pleased about this as I think I got the best of Paros at this time. I felt that if I visited in the height of the season, it would have possibly been too crowded and not as enjoyable
    Rating of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries

  • Martin_S 12 Mar 2007
    Hire a car and discover the villages
    Nationality: British
    Age: 31
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The Trip: I arrived on the island by plane with the Excel Airways to Santorini and by boat with the Panagia Hozoviotissa from Folegandros. The trip was good but the boat was delayed about half an hour
    Reasons for going to Paros: I have been many times to the Cyclades but never really stayed on Paros
    Idea before arriving: I knew from my readings that Paros was one of the busiest Cyclades islands so I tended to avoid the island, but after visiting nearly all of the Cyclades islands I wanted to visit Paros. I hear the beaches were decent and that there were some inland villages away from Parikia that were worth seeing
    More: I visited out of season, so my impressions will be of it being less busy than had I visited in July or August
    Favorite things about the island/area
    -Best Beaches: Santa Maria, Aliki
    -Best Villages: Prodromos and Lefkes
    -Best Activity: Driving around and seeing the villages and landscape.
    Negative opinion about the island: I think there are too many new accommodation developments taking place on hillsides and also I think a lot of building waste materials is not being cleaned up which gives some places a less tidy look
    Recommendations for future visitors: To see Paros you should hire a car and make the effort to visit villages other than Parikia and Naoussa. It is also a good idea to take day trips to nearby islands such as Mykonos and Ios using the Ferry system. Definitely visit Antiparos
  • Evangelia 19 Feb 2007
    Laid back atmosphere
    Nationality: American
    Age: 22
    Countries visited: 1-5
    The trip: I arrived on the island by boat. The trip was good with no delays
    Reasons for going to Paros: Recommended by friends
    Idea about Paros island before arriving: Peaceful, quaint ,isolated, lots of tourists though
    - Island/area: 7/10
    - Landscapes: 5/10
    - Tree Covered: 0/10
    - Beaches & waters: 8/10
    - Cleanliness: 9/10
    - Villages: 8/10
    - Main Town: 8/10
    - Food/ restaurants: 8/10
    - Nightlife: 8/10
    - Local people: 8/10
    - Accommodation: 10/10 We stayed on a maountain
    - Activities: 7/10
    - Excursions: 7/10
    - Sightseeing: 7/10
    - Prices: 6/10
    - Public Transportations: 0/10
    - Authenticity: Authentic natives
    - Peace & quiet 3/10 On the mountain 10, in the town 3
    - Weather; 3/10
    More: The conditions vary greatly from the town to outskirts
    Favorite thing about Paros Island: Originality to obscurity, best beaches Kolymbithres
    Best Beaches: Kolymbithres
    Best Activity: Drinking
    Best Bar/Pub/Club: Solondoor
    Anything negative about Paros Island or needs improvement: More laid back than the U.S.
    Recommendations: More reliable motorbikes/rental personal
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10
  • kzar99 17 Jan 2007
    Be careful with the bike or car rentals
    Nationality: French
    Age: 25
    Countries visited: 5-10
    The trip: I arrived on the Paros by Plane and Boat with Lufthansa and Blue Star Ferries. The trip was good with no delays
    Reasons for going to Paros: Discovered in a brochure/magazine/newspaper
    Idea about Paros before arriving:Very good ideas (amazing landscapes, hot weather, hot water, nice beaches, very good food!). We didn’t now how the people were
    - Island/area: 8/10
    - Landscapes: 7/10
    - Tree Covered: 2/10
    - Beaches & waters: 5/10 The waters is cold!
    - Cleanliness: 7/10
    - Villages: 9/10
    - Main Town: 7/10
    - Food/ restaurants: 6/10
    - Nightlife: -/10
    - Local people: 8/10
    -Accommodation: 8/10
    - Activities -/10
    - Excursions -/10
    -Sightseeing: -/10
    - Prices: 8/10
    - Public Transportations 9/10
    - Authenticity 8/10
    - Peace & quiet 6/10
    - Weather 10/10
    Best Beaches : Aliki
    Negative opinion about Paros: The bike or car renter should show the prices outside – Be careful to the smoking/no smoking places on the ferry
    Recommendations: To go to Aliki Lefkes and the old town of Parikia
    Rate of the overall quality/organization/services of this island/area in comparison with other countries: 8/10
  • lpatterson12 11 Jul 2006
    Wonderful intro to the Cyclades
    Touristy but not to overpowering. the architecture was awe inspiring. We stayed at a relative's village house in Parikia. It made for an excellent base to explore the Cyclades and to explore this wonderful island.
  • voiles 21 May 2006
    Great and calm
    Nationality: Austrian - British

    Age: 53

    The trip: We arrived on the island of Paros by ferry from Piraeus. The trip was planned by plane but the flight was cancelled because of a national strike. The boat trip took us 7 hours. It was really too long!

    Reasons for going to Paros: Travel and hotel was arranged by our travel agent. He showed us many pictures of the place and it was looking promising.

    Idea before arriving: That it would be a typical island of Greece with picturesque villages with alleys and white houses, that the beaches would be great and that it would be calm without the crowd of islands like Rhodes or Zakynthos.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, the island met our expactations! It is a really lovely island and found everything that we were looking for. More, the people there are very kind and helpful, the sea food is amazing and the nightlife very good. We loved the little village and port of Naoussa. We had dinner there everyday.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The weather, the sandt beaches and Kolimbithres, the scnery and the calm.

    Negative opinion: No really negative opinion except for local transports. Taxis are too fews, espaecially late at night.

    Recommendations: Just go to Paros

    We liked this island very much. Greece is really a beautiful country. We had some experiences with Rhodes and Zakynthos. There are also really beautiful islands but very crowded. Paros offered us more calm and I thinh that we will go there again.
  • al_harris73 05 Apr 2006
    Really beautiful island and secure
    Nationality: French

    Age: 33

    The trip: We took a Bluestar boat from Athens. Our trip was relaxing and the service was good. I had been a long time I hadn't saw the sea so I enjoy it much.

    Reasons for going to Paros: I have prepared this travel for more than a year. I wanted to go to Greece but didn't really know where so I checked in travel agencies and on the web. Paros Island was looking really nice and that is the reason why I put it in my program. We went after Paros also to Mykonos and Santorini.

    Idea before arriving: I was waiting to feel the atmosphere that I looked on the many pictures I saw. I knew that Greece wouldn't be like the Greece my parents discovered 30 years ago nad that it would be much modern. I was waiting for typical Cycladic villages, little ports, great beaches, friendly people, good mediteranean food and the feeling of security.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met my expectations and more than that. It was a great approch to the Cycladic way of life. Paros Island has everything: Good beaches (especialy Kolimbithres), charming villages (Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa), great food (on the port of Naoussa) and friendly people. It is a good island for someone who want to taste the Cyclades. Mykonos and Santorini are great island and very different. Mykonos is beach & party orientated and Santorini is beauty and romance orientated. Paros has in smaller scale the beauty, the romance and the nightlife. It is nor as busy and touristy as the other 2 and an important thing is that it is not so expensive.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The island in general. I enjoyed much discovering the island. It was my first days of holidays and I was delighted. (And I knew that the weather in France was not so good, so it made me happier :)

    I loved the fact that you feel very secure on this island. No stress, no problems, no violence. You can leave your door open without any fear or live your things on the beach to go top eat in a restaurant. I loved that feeling. My last holidays were in Venezuela and you were afraid of everything.

    Negative opinion: Local people not driving well!

    Recommendations: Just go there!

    Yes, I will surely go to the Greek Islands again!
  • gisset 19 Feb 2006
    Great beaches & villages and exciting nightlife
    Nationality: French

    Age: 26

    The trip: We arrived on the island of Paros by plane. The trip wasn't bad... We just had a two hours delay on the airport of Athens.

    Reasons for going to Paros: Just because some good friends of ours are in love with Greece and spend all their holidays there and advised us to go on Paros.

    Idea before arriving: We knew that we would have a lot of fun there. That it would be like a typical greek island with white houses, that it would had great beaches and exciting nightlife. And of course that the place would be full of beautiful girls!

    Expectations and opinions: yes, it is a great island. We really loved it and was even better than what we thought. The island had everything a person of our age could wish. We spent most of our time on the beach, in the restaurants and in the night clubs. It was a lot of fun. Especially the Paros Rock club. We met a lot of people there. We also enjoyed trying new things like scuba diving on Santa Maria or Kitesurfing on Pounda. Kitesurfing was really great. A little difficult after the long night in the clubs.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The village of Naoussa and the great sea food. The village of Naoussa is a really great village. The cliche of Greece. It was really nice having diner on the port. We loved octopus. The ambiance there is unique.

    Negative opinion: The electricity that is not works all the time and the many bees.

    Recommendations: Just go and leave behind the stress and hurry of the big towns.

    Perhaps we will go back to Paros or very propably.
  • torun 12 Feb 2006
    Much cheaper than Mykonos but bad buses schedules
    Nationality: French

    Age: 29

    The trip: We arrived to Paros island by boat. It was the SeaJet 2 and the trip was really fast and confortable.

    Reasons for going to Paros: We choose this island because it was located between Mykonos and Santorini. We had planed to make an island hopping in Greece and wanted to see Mykonos and Sanorini. So Paros was our third choice.

    Idea before arriving: We thought that it would better than Mykonos. Mykonos is a really great island but our hotel was far away from beaches and the town. We had better accommodation on Paros Island. We thought that Paros would be as picturesque that Mykonos.

    Expectations and opinions: Of course, it met our expectations and even more. Paros is a great island we beautiful villages and beaches. It is less crowded and cheaper. That is an important factor with the current european economic situation.

    Favorite thing about Paros: Everything is really great on Paros. But the best things of all was our view fron our hotel's room. It was a real hapiness to wake up in front of the sea.

    Negative opinion: The schedules of the buses are not very good. We wait a good part of the day waiting for buses to go from a place to another.

    Recommendations: Just go to Paros. It is a good value for money... It has good beaches, charming villages, a great nightlife, incredible food etc..

    I would love to go back to Paros again. I just don't know if I will afforf it :)

  • vischers_jcq 27 Dec 2005
    Everything is great in Paros !
    Nationality: Netherlands

    Age: 42

    The trip: We arrived to Paros Island by plane to Athens and then by high speed boat from Piraeus. The trip was fine and very quick.

    Reasons for going to Paros: We came to Greece many times and this time we were looking for an island of the Cyclades with more Greek way of life and without the big hotels complexes.

    Idea before arriving: That it would be a typical island with a local economy, touristy but not too much, with atmosphere and authentic people, good food, great beaches and sun/fun!

    Expectations and opinions: It met our expectations. We really enjoyed our holidays on the island of Paros. It is exactly what we were looking for: a beautiful island and not too small with many opportunities for excursions, many beaches and really good food. The island is touristy but has kept many traditional things. I really enjoyed the villages of Lefkes and Marpissa. I really enjoyed taking pictures there.

    Favorite thing about Paros: Everything is great. There is something I loved much is the walks along the street that ligns the sea. It seems that all the greeks have a walk there. I didn't knew if it was before or after dinner as Greek people eat at strange hours. But it gives a realy nice atmosphere and gave you the feeling of sharing a few moments of their Mediteranean way of life... easy going....

    Negative opinion: No negative opinion. There must be some negative points but when you are in holidays you don't see that. You must have a problem if you search every negative point while in holidays.

    Recommendations: Go to Paros Island and enjoy it. It is a beautiful island and you won't regret it!

    Maybe we will come back to Paros or maybe try an other destination in Greece

  • pun 30 Nov 2005
    Superb island of Paros
    Nationality: Brittish-Indian

    Age: 30

    The trip: I arrived to Athens Greece by plane and then took the feery from Piraeus to Paros. It was quick and pleasant.

    Reasons for going to Paros: I have been to Paros before and loved it. It has quiet spots and lively scene. I red about Paros on a Greek island guide book.

    Idea before arriving: The first time I came I was waiting for a typical Greek island as we can see in magazines. Small villages, little ports, great food, etc...

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and more. It was more European than what I thought. But kept there way of life. This year it was very busy and more difficult to get accommodation.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The island itself is superb. I loved my accommodation much this year.

    Negative opinion: None!

    Recommendations: Stay away from the busy scene. Visit other places on the island beside Parikia.

    I will definitely go back to Paros Island!
  • lemire 07 Nov 2005
    Beautiful but too hot for me
    Nationality: Canadian

    Age: 39

    The trip: I arrived on the island of Paros Greece by plane. The trip from Athens to Paros was Ok. The trip from London Gatwick to Athens was delayed.

    Reasons for going to Paros: Short transfer from Athens and several islands nearby for island Hopping.

    Idea before arriving: Never beeen to Greece before so did not know what to expect. Magazine made it look really nice.

    Expectations and opinions: Yes, It definitely met my expactations but too hot for me. Next time I think I will come earlier and later in the season. The island is great for sun + beach holidays.

    Favorite thing about Paros: My hotel location just above the beach and the extraordinary views.

    Negative opinion: Limited hours of Ferry boats to town.

    Maybe I will come back again. Who knows. A lot to to do and see in the world.
  • leila 03 Nov 2005
    Ideal location and not too far from Athens
    Nationality: Canadian

    Age: Over 40

    The trip: I arrived by plane and the trip was fine.

    Reasons for going to Paros: I wanted to try a new Greek island that I havn't been before. Have already been to some Greece regions and Santorini, Kefalonia and Crete.

    Idea before arriving: Showed ideal location. It is close to Athens, therefore not a long flight for children. It looked authentic and not too isolated.

    Expectations and opinions: Paros island is a superb island. I found all I was looking for there. It is a beautiful island and love in particular the villages.

    Favorite thing about Paros: Like I all the regions and islands of Greece: the people are really friendly and helpful.

    Negative opinion: I was disapointed by the public transportation. It was too hot and crowded. Maybe the main town is a little too commercial and varying prices of exactly the same items.

    Recommendations: Need to hire a car

    If possible, I would love to go to Paros and Greece in general again!
  • calowe 05 Oct 2005
    Sun, sea and history
    Nationality: Belgian

    Age: 45

    The trip: Plane to Athens Greece and boat from Piraeus to Paros island. We lost some time on Piraeus because the boat was late.

    Reasons for going to Paros: We stayed with people we knew.

    Idea before arriving: I thought about the sun, the sea and the history.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations. It is a wonderful island.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The welcome and accommodation.

    Negative opinion: Too many beaches with rocks!

    Recommendations: Don't stay in your own town! Go visit the rest of the island.

    I think I will go back again to Paros or an other destination in Greece
  • dasilva 29 Sep 2005
    Really enyoyed my stay
    Nationality: American

    Age: 43

    The trip: We took a plane to Athens and then the Blue Star Ferry to Paros

    Reasons for going to Paros: It was centraly located in the Cyclades Islands and we thought we could easely take some days trips.

    Idea before arriving: I knew only what I red on the internet and travel books.Beautiful beaches, towns and port.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations and more. I really enjoyed my stay.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The Aegean Sea.

    Negative opinion: It is difficult to walk on the roads through the hills.

    Recommendations: Rent a car! It would make it much easier to get arround.

    I will go back.
  • mngt 28 Sep 2005
    Bring lot of money!
    Nationality: USA

    Age: 41

    The trip: I had a flight from NYC to Athens with Olympic and then a boat.

    Reasons for going to Paros: It has the reputation for beeing a nice place.

    Idea before arriving: I though that Paros Greece would be beautiful and a little cliche of what we can think about the Greek Islands.

    Expectations and opinions: paros met my expectations. It was very beautiful and very friendly but was impressed by the prices! Too expensive!

    Favorite thing about Paros: The beauty, the weather, the beaches, the villages, the food, etc, etc...

    Negative opinion: Hard to walk anywhere because of the drivers.

    Recommendations: Bring a lot of money!

    I will get back to Paros Island

  • binst 23 Sep 2005
    More than I hoped for...
    Nationality: Belgian

    Age: 57

    The trip: We arrived by plane from Belgium to Athens and then took the ferry from Piraeus.

    Reasons for going to Paros: My daughter has always been interested in Greece so we went to discover the land of our dreams. We red much about Paros in the Trotter Rough Guide and two friens also recommended us the island.

    Idea before arriving: I thought the Cyclades were over crowded in July and August.

    Expectations and opinions: More than I hoped for and we really felt in love with the island.

    Favorite thing about Paros: Onira Hotel. Also the fact that the island wasn't over crowded as we thought it would be.

    Negative opinion: The way we desembarked! between luggages and agressive people.

    Recommendations: Make sure to rent a car for a day or two to discover the island.

    I really excited by the fact to come back to Paros.

  • kerri 22 Sep 2005
    Confortable stay without any pression
    Nationality: French

    Age: 47

    The trip: We came with the travel agency "heliades" and it was a very good trip.

    Reasons for going to Paros: We came in Paros for the reason that it was on a tour with other island like Mykonos, Naxos and Santorini.

    Idea before arriving: Didn't have any particulary idea but we saw some extraordinary pictures in the travel agency's brochures.

    Expectations and opinions: It really met our excpectations and liked the fact that it is less touristy than Mykonos.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The people welcome you really well, there is no commercial agressivity, you can get in and out the shops freely.

    Negative opinion: We don't have anything negative to say about Paros.

    Recommendations: Don't rent a car in Paros. There is no need for the reason that the public buses serve all the island and are very ponctual.

    We hope that we will have the opportunity to visit Paros in the futur.
  • vanpoekjoos 22 Sep 2005
    A nice holiday destination
    Nationality: Belgium

    Age: 44

    The trip: Flight from Brussels to Athens and then high speed ferry from Piraeus to Paros. The trip was ok but long waiting time between flight and ferry departure.

    Reasons for going to Paros: It is my second visit in Paros Island. And, the hotels' owners presented their hotel in Belgium.

    Idea before arriving: The first time I came I didn't had a specific idea. I only expected good weather.

    Expectations and opinions: It met my expectations as I didn't had many.

    Favorite thing about Paros: The Hotel Onira and the calmliness

    Negative opinion: Dirt along the roads and beaches

    Recommendations: Don't come too numerous to preserve the authenticity of the island.

    I will come back again as the is no 2 without 3
  • trip 14 Jul 2005
    Windsurfing Paros
    I often go to Paros to windsurf. It has ideal wind conditions like Naxos but it is better if you also want to party and meet people. The place to go if you are a surfer is the Golden Beach and the nearby New Golden Beach where the annual World Cup is organised. All the great pros are coming and are doing a spectacle. The accommodation there are organised to put your material and you can clean your sails in the gardens
  • Xav28 30 Jun 2005
    Awesome Paros
    Paros is AWESOME! Great bars and clubs, lots of people and girls who just want to party and my favourite place: Punda Beach, a beautiful beach where you can do any water sport you fancy and drink all day long at the terrific beach bar. You can even do Bungee Jumping! This beach is like an open air club with non stop music and topless girls
  • sand 23 Jun 2005
    Noisy Paros
    I went to Paros last summer but I was a bit disappointed by the atmosphere and annoyed by the noise in the camping and by all the drunk teenagers. I have to say that the town of Parikia is very beautiful with its white little houses and its small alleys but the crowd and the noise is not what I was looking for my holidays; so I went to Antiparos (not even an hour by boat from Paros) and I found what I was looking for: less people, nudists, lovely little town and some deserted beaches?that?s my style!
  • fernandoX 11 Jun 2005
    Our holidays in Paros Island
    We went to Paros two years ago (summer 2003) and we stayed in the lovely village called Naoussa. It is truly beautiful and much quieter than Parikia (capital of the island). The village has been built around a picturesque port where little multicoloured fishing boats are mooring and creating a unique atmosphere. The beaches of the island are astonishing and the water is incredibly clear. Some beaches propose desk chairs and umbrellas and others are free of any structure or facility; in a few words, there are beaches for every taste.
    The main town of Paros, Parikia, is also attractive but it is quite crowded and seems less authentic. Most of the famous nightlife of the island take place in its capital but Naoussa also has some nice bars, cafes and night clubs. If you decide to go to Naoussa, it is better to rent a car because the village is at 10 kilometres away from the main town; the patient ones can use the bus.
    Have a nice trip and we hope that you will enjoy Paros as much as we did.
    Sue & Ian