Paros Local products

Paros island is famous for the production of high-quality marble, the white semi-transparent Parian marble. This particular marble was used for the majority of the ancient statues and temples, such as the Venus de Milo, the Temple of Apollo in Delos and more.
Apart from this excellent marble, Paros also produces various fine agricultural products. The local products of Paros are not so different than the products in the other islands of the Cyclades but some Parian specialties exist and are worth trying.

The soft white goat cheese called Mizithra is a pure delight and it is used in salads instead of the feta cheese, pure with bread, or on the pasta or meat dishes. The Gouna is another Parian specialty and consists of a mackerel fish that have been dried under the sun and is served grilled, with a bit of lemon. Finally, the traditional Petimezinia sweets and the local pumpkin pie are two delicacies that must be tasted. Wine in Paros is particularly good and quite famous in the rest of Greece for its excellent taste and aroma. Two major producers create the Parian wine: the Local Cooperative and Manolis Moraitis.