Paros Architecture

Paros is known worldwide for its Cycladic architecture, as it is full of traditional whitewashed houses with blue windows and flowered yards. The quaint villages of Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa, and Parikia are characteristic examples of Aegean settlements that attract many visitors for their charming construction and quiet locations. There, the beautiful work of local craftsmen is apparent in houses, fountains, and monasteries that managed to be restored. The villages are divided into quarters with narrow alleys, usually built close to a castle. The houses are stuck one to another and have strong walls since they were meant to protect inhabitants from pirate raids.

In many villages, the architecture of Paros is quite exceptional and original. Many structures were built using Parian marble. Apart from the elegant mansions and the whitewashed houses, there is another type of house in the countryside; the farmhouse. Those residencies consist mainly of storage areas for daily agricultural products.

Apart from the typical architecture, the island offers a mixture of Byzantine, Archaic, and Frankish elements, including the marvelous Frankish Castle that stands at the highest point of Parikia. A long walk in the narrow labyrinth paths and archways will lead you to the countless small churches and white, traditional windmills.
Paros' character, aesthetics, and charm make the perfect destination, full of enchanting places to visit, natural shapes, and colors.

Visitors can enjoy their stay in many traditional hotels that have maintained the traditional Cycladic architecture.