Paros Prodromos

General information

Prodromos Paros: South-east of Parikia and 7 kilometers south of Naoussa lies the picturesque small village of Prodromos. It is built in the traditional Cycladic way, full of whitewashed cube houses, tiny white chapels and beautiful churches.
The name was given to the village after the 17th-century church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, the interior of which is entirely decorated with beautiful icons.

To enter the village, guests have to pass under an arch with a bell tower and a vaulted roof. Apart from being impressive, the arch prevents cars from entering the settlement. Arches are a common feature of the village's houses, which are whitewashed and attached to one another. 

Prodromos is connected with the quaint village of Lefkes via a thousand-year-old path, that passes through vineyards and olive groves. The duration of the hike is around an hour and a half. 

Lastly, the village lies close to several beautiful beaches, including Molos and Kalogeros

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