Paros Naoussa

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Naoussa in Paros is a beautiful picturesque fishing village located in a huge bay in the northern part of the island, 10 kilometers east of Parikia - the capital town. 
It is considered one of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades.
Despite the tourism development, this lovely village has managed to keep its authenticity, traditional character and charm, with its whitewashed and flowered little houses and its tiny churches and chapels, surrounded by labyrinth-like narrow, stone-paved streets.

The lovely village of Naoussa is built around a tiny picturesque port where little colorful fishing boats (kaikia) moor. The remains of a Venetian castle can still be seen, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.
Little taverns and ouzeries (small Greek taverns serving ouzo and meze) line up the promenade, adding a traditional charm to the friendly ambiance.
At the same time, the main square boasts everything you need in terms of buses and ATM machines.

Although quieter than Parikia, the village hosts several lively bars and nightclubs that stay open until dawn.
As one of the liveliest places on the island, Naoussa offers a wide variety of restaurants, too. When you visit the village, make sure to have lunch or dinner and enjoy freshly made delicacies at one of the best local restaurants. Some of them can be found in a location with great sea views.


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The area is also famous for its numerous golden beaches filling the natural bay, such as Kolymbithres, Agioi Anargyri, Monastiri and many more.
From the wildest and more secluded seashores to the fully organized ones, those beaches are ideal for everyone, covering all tastes and needs.
All of them can be reached via footpaths, asphalted roads, or by caiques (small fishing boats) from the port.

In addition, the village has many beautiful churches to visit such as the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin, which is located on the highest spot of the village, or the Church of Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nicholas) which houses an impressive Byzantine Museum. The museum houses an exhibition of invaluable 13th-century icons. Some of the town's monuments date back to the Byzantine era.
Many other places of interest which are worth visiting can be found in the area near Naoussa, including a few archeological sites.

Every year, on August 23rd, nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin, a great festivity is celebrated; a reenactment of pirate raids is performed by the young people of the village and fireworks are thrown while dancing. Eating and drinking go on until the morning.

Hotels in Naoussa

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6 Reviews
  • leda_dacanalis 17 Jul 2011
    Great location horrible food
    The spot is what attracts people to this restaurant but when the food arrives you are in for a dissapointment. Everything is overpriced but very very average. So is the service. I've had spectacular eats at other more modest places in the Greek islands at a fraction of the price.
  • oliviatres 03 Apr 2011
    Good spot to watch people
    One of the many restaurants around the port of Naoussa. Good food, kind of more elegant than the usual taverns, but the best is the spot. A good place to watch the people go up and down.
  • agelikoni 26 Oct 2009
    Beautiful villages
    You cannot visit Paros and not even pass by Naoussa. Naoussa is a beautiful village, located on a huge bay, in northern Paros. As you can easily understand from the hundreds of boats at the bay, this is a fishing place.

    Wherever you go in Naoussa, bay, narrow streets, churches, beach, still this is one of the best places in Paros. While there, you can take a look at the Wine Museum, and if you are visiting Paros in summer, ask the locals about the dates of the fish and wine festival! Very close to Naoussa, there is the Paros Aqua Park. The park is very big and it was a nice surprise to see that they are actually using sea water! I don't remember the ticket fare, but I think it was not that expensive.

    If you like quiet villages, away from the crowded villages, Lefkes is a small village in the center of the island. Away from the sea, provides a very cozy environment, with Greek traditional coffee shops and taverns.
  • L_Wallace 29 Mar 2009
    Sophisticated and vivid
    Do not have any doubt that Naoussa is the best village on Paros. Parikia, the capital, is also fine but it gets too noisy sometimes. But Naoussa gives another sense: more picturesque, more sophisticated, more vivid with the bars around the small port. I honestly adored this village, it has a secret power to make you feel optimist.
  • Aishling_24 14 Nov 2007
    Naoussa was spectacular
    Village of Naoussa was spectacular, beaches were lovely on the island, nightlife was quite hard to find, didn't find any nightclubs in fact. Aqualand was fantastic. Taxis were not freely avail and to get back to our hotel was always a hassle. So I recommend that you bring your driving licence as we wanted to rent quad bikes but didn't have our licences with us.
    There was one italian restaurant in Naoussa -can't remember its name but it had the nicest italian food I've ever tasted; there wasn't enough asian food available though.
  • K_Stirling 19 Dec 2006
    A clean village near the sea
    Nationality: Greek

    Age: 38

    -How did you get to Naoussa village: By motorbike

    -Where is your accommodation located: Santa Maria - Naoussa

    -How much time did it take you to reach the village: 20 minutes

    -What are the conditions of the roads that take you to Naoussa village: Good

    -Did you enjoy the trip to the village: Yes

    -In order to get to Naoussa village were enough signs in order to find it: Had to ask someone on our way

    -Why did you choose this Naoussa village: Proposed by our travel agency in Athens

    -How would you describe the village: Many flowers, clean, by the sea, many churches, restaurants/cafιs, great atmosphere

    -Can everything, one might need, be found in the village: Telephone, bank, mini market, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, travel agencies, hotels and other accommodations

    - Did the village meet your expectations? Yes Rate: 8/10

    - Favorite thing about the village: Food, service

    - Is there anything that you don’t like about the village or things that should be done by the authorities to improve it or is something missing: No, I don’t think so

    - Any recommendations/tips for future visitors: They will have a real good time

    - Would you come to this village again: I would like so

    Other recommended villages? Paroikia, Lefkes