Paros Kostos

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Kostos in Paros is a quaint village found on the way from Parikia to Lefkes. Built at an altitude of 160 meters, the first house of the village was constructed in Venetian times.
Today, it has a population of about 200 permanent residents, with most of them involved in farming.

Accommodations and tourist facilities in Kostos are limited, as the village remains off the beaten track.

This small village is the birthplace of a notable writer and philosopher, Athanasios Parios, who developed a great writing activity and worked as a teacher in different parts of Greece during the Greek revolution. Today, his home is open to the public. At the entrance of the village lies a monument dedicated to him as a symbol of gratitude on behalf of the islanders.

Kostos flaunts Cycladic architecture with whitewashed houses and beautiful churches, while it stands out for its pure beauty, totally unaffected by tourism. The locals are friendly and hospitable. Trees in the square offer enough shade to enjoy a coffee in a traditional cafeteria. Despite its size, Kostos is a village with noticeable feasts during summer months, such as the feast of Saint Marina on July 17th and Saint Pantaleon on June 27th.

Within a distance of 3 km lies Marathi, a village known for the marble quarries that are found in proximity to it.

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