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General information

Galanado in Naxos: Galanado, whose name derives from the French-originating word gallant (meaning “brave”), is a small picturesque village no more than 5 kilometers away from the island’s Chora! It is a listed traditional settlement, given that it has kept most of its retro-style elements, such as the whitewashed Cycladic-style houses and the general lack of tourist-only facilities!

Most local residents usually devote themselves to livestock and agricultural work due to the fertile soil of Galanado, while thanks to its altitude, the settlement offers fantastic views over the surrounding villages and the port of Naxos! On top of that, Galanado is known for hosting plenty of church buildings, most notably the church of Agios Nektarios and the parish Church of the Holy Spirit, since it is the main spot for all-year-long religious gatherings and yearly celebrations!

Spotted right in the center of the village, the main square of Galanado offers a hangout place for everyone! In addition, guests will spot preschooling facilities, a cozy cafeteria on the outskirts of the village, and a tavern - grocery store serving only the finest, most delicious local flavors, all of which are made from locally sourced ingredients! You can also pay a visit to the impressive tower of Belonia, a stone-built structure from 1780 that was inspired by the Venetians, which can be spotted while exiting Galanado!

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