Mykonos Manto Mavrogenous

Manto Mavrogenous from Mykonos: During the War of Independence (1821-1828), Mykonos contributed a significant number of warships, all handled by experienced seamen. It was during that war that many people stood out for their bravery. Among the many Mykonians who actively engaged in the War of Independence, one lady stood out with her courage and valor and is no other than Mandalena (Manto) Mavrogenous.

She was a native of Trieste and her grandfather, Dimitrios Mavrogenous, served as a dragoman of the naval fleet but also as a governor of Valahia and Moldavia. Being a lady of aristocratic lineage, she had a fortune at her disposal and, as a noble-hearted lady, she donated it all towards the funding of the War of Independence.

Her fiery personality convinced the Turks to retreat, especially from Mykonos. She was a skillful leader, won many battles, and even led military expeditions in Europe. As a mark of respect to the great lady of Mykonos, a statue of Manto Mavrogenous lies in the Central Square of Mykonos Town.