Kimolos Airport

There is no airport in Kimolos island. The nearest airport is located in the neighboring island of Milos and it receives frequent flights from Athens in summer. The airport of Milos is small and it is found in the center of the island.

To go from Milos to Kimolos island, you can take either the ferry from the port of Adamas that operates about 3 times a week or the ferry from Pollonia, a small port village on the northeastern side of Milos. The ferry from Pollonia to Kimolos operates all year round, about 2-3 times a day, and the trip takes 30 min.
To get a better understanding of the island's location, view the Map of Cyclades.

To go from the airport of Milos to the ports of Adamas or Pollonia, you can take a taxi or book your Milos airport transfer online.

Also, visitors can reach the island of Kimolos by ferry. There are some ferries to Kimolos from Piraeus port in Athens.

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