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Kambi Beach Kea: A refreshing dip in the cool blue water, followed by a relaxing nap under the sun, is what Kambi beach will make you want. This small slice of heaven, situated just 18.5 kilometers from the capital of Kea Island, Ioulida, is sure to drown all your worries.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and cliffs overhanging the sea, Kambi beach provides a perfect escape from noisy crowds and polluted air. Mountains, around the beach, are cut into steps, usually a farming technique followed in hilly regions.These steps stop just above the beach, breaking into green trees that run along it.

The curved beach offers a sandy bed along with small patches of pebbles spread randomly across it. For the more adventurous, treks or nature walks in the surrounding hills is always a tempting proposition. Carry your umbrella and bring your most comfortable towel, settle in for a day of relaxation at the Kambi beach and we promise, you won't regret it.

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