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Orkos Beach Kea: Orkos is a large beach on the north-eastern coast of Kea. There are no taverns. The good point about this is that most of the times it has no people either. Therefore, in general terms, it is possible to spend most of the day alone on this peaceful beach. During weekends, as well as in the month of August, the island tends to get more populated, so maybe a few people may be found on the beach. Orkos also has a few houses that are used as summer residences, on the beach itself, but also along the road to it.

Obviously this level of seclusion requires taking enough supplies of food and fresh water, since there are no taverns or restaurants available, the beach does not count on an easy access to other locations where to re-supply yourself with some provisions. Orkos is very picturesque, and counts on some trees providing nice shade from the sun, as well as some straw umbrellas. Its crystalline blue waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, which allows to appreciate the beauty found under the sea.

Therefore, it is worth to get a mask, a snorkel and some flippers along with the basic provisions. Regarding the road to Orkos, it is advisable to travel by car, jeep, or by a motorcycle that has already been beaten. In case of going two on the same motorcycle, take into account that some points of the road will be a little steep during your return. Therefore, it would be ideal to have one motorbike per person.

Fortunately, in spite of becoming a popular island, visited for many tourists on weekends and high season, Kea still counts on quiet places where to enjoy its beautiful nature in privacy. When taking the proper measures in terms of transport means and supplies, Orkos is the perfect place.

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