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Among the majority of tourists who go on vacations in Ios, youngsters and wild partygoers are perhaps at the top of the list. The island enjoys a reputation as a party paradise of Greece, particularly for people under 25. Nonetheless, given the small size of the island, it is pretty much an upbeat place with parties at beach sides, bars and clubs, and an overall very lively nightlife.

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Chora, the island's capital, is a fun place to be, with lots of action after sunset. When the sun goes down, it is time to wind up for the day for most holidaymakers, but for the teenagers, the town is just about to explode. Its reputation as a popular destination for young and wild holidaymakers is so strong that many elder travelers think twice about planning their vacation in Ios. However, the truth is that most beaches are secluded, as most of the young people concentrate on the beaches around the port - Mylopotas and Gialos.

The main village of the island is Chora, one of the most scenic villages in the Cyclades and a must-see. Amphitheatrically built on the slopes of a hill, in typical Cycladic architecture, Chora has whitewashed, flat-roofed sugar-cube houses that communicate with each other through galleries and arches, which were designed to protect the inhabitants from pirates or invaders. Stone-paved streets with white lines around the large stones form a maze of narrow winding passages that were meant to break the gusty winds. The unique architectural style of the Cyclades is meant to provide maximum comfort against harsh weather conditions. The white houses serve as heat reflectors, while the flat roofs offer resistance against strong winds.

Chora is best visited during the day when most people tend to be on the beach and you can take a leisurely stroll through the labyrinth streets. The trademark of the island is the church of Panagia Gremiotissa, located at the highest point in Chora. The pretty church has a lone palm tree in its precinct, which gifts it a postcard-like beauty. You will certainly encounter it as you stroll around. There are also a dozen windmills on the slopes of Chora that were used to grind grain, but they have turned into mere tourist attractions today.

Tourism in Ios is very developed. Chora offers a lot of accommodation options to stay during your holiday. From budget rooms and charming pensions to luxury hotels and apartments, Chora has everything. It is a great experience wandering through the streets and browsing through various shops that sell a variety of things from handicrafts to beachwear and from antiques to jewelry. Shops in Chora often remain open well into the night to cater to late-night clubbers.

Vacations in Ios would be incomplete without a visit to Mylopotas, one of the largest beaches on the island. The bay is a hub of activity with busy beach bars, watersports facilities and many hotels around it. In the daytime, people relax on the soft sand, listening to the loud music from the bars and the cafeterias. After sunrise, beach parties are organized and the young visitors participate.
Another gorgeous beach to visit during your vacation in Ios, although less organized, is Manganari, on the southern side of the island.

Apart from these two famous beaches, there are also many other secluded coasts to enjoy some privacy in your Ios vacation, such as Agia Theodoti and Psathi.



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