Anafi Architecture

The architecture of Anafi is no different from the Cycladic architecture of the other islands characterized by its small white houses built on top of a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. Its narrow paved paths that create charming labyrinths, blue and white walls that perfectly match the clear sky give away the unique character of this Greek island.

This peaceful ambiance that attracts visitors is also the reason that Anafi island preserves its austere and unique character. Vaulted doors and roofs and cobbled stone streets compose the beauty of this island noting also the strong religious spirit of the locals, with numerous churches spread in the settlement. The Venetian castle that stands proudly on top is one of the few things that bear witness to its rich past.
Chora offers the best samples of Cycladic architecture.

Visitors will find many hotels that have been created with respect to the traditional Cycladic architecture.