Anafi Festivals & Cultural Events

The greatest feasts of Anafi island are in total agreement with the Cristian calendar. On the name day of the saints, various ceremonies are held in the churches and the monasteries while inhabitants are involved in the organizing of the feasts, cooking traditional recipes and making folklore items.

Religious feasts

September 8th
The most important religious feast of Anafi is held on September 8th, the feast day of Zoodochos Pigis (Source of Life). A great ceremony takes place in Kalamiotissa Monastery where the icon of the Virgin Mary is taken out to the top of Kalamos, at the old monastery of Kalamiotissa and is kept there for one night before it is back to the monastery. Several preparations for the feast begin days before and on that day pilgrims arrive in Anafi by boat and climb the hill on a mule to reach the monastery.

Name days of Saints
Other feasts take place in Anafi on July 20th, celebrating the feast day of Prophet Ilias, on October 27th, the feast day of Agios Dimitrios in Madourlo and January 17th locals celebrate the feast day of Agios Antonios. The feasts are accompanied by wine, local treats, and homemade sweets.

Cultural festivals

Every summer, Chora hosts several art exhibitions displaying a large collection of the island's folklore tradition and photos from Anafi. In the middle of August, the island organizes a three-day sports event, called Yakinthia. This festival is accompanied by local dances and music, delicacies and wine. These celebrations are honored by many visitors coming from the neighboring island of Santorini.