Sitting on the southeastern side of the Cyclades island group, Anafi is one of the Aegean’s little gems. Thanks to its proximity to the worldwide famous Santorini island, island hopping between Santorini and Anafi is a must. Although it is so close to Santorini island, Anafi has nothing to do with the first's cosmopolitan ambiance. Unlike Santorini, Anafi island Greece is still untouched by mass tourism, keeping its traditional charm!

Anafi island Greece has, just like Santorini, volcanic origins, so it boasts a very unique volcanic landscape. Imposing steep cliffs and raw sandy beaches create a wild natural scenery, ideal for those who love holidays in nature!

Thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and extraordinary natural setting, Anafi island has emerged as a great destination for camping! Given that most Anafi beaches are easily accessible by foot and that the island has just one village, it’s pretty easy to get around the island.

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Anafi Greece sits in the heart of the Aegean sea and belongs to the Cyclades island group. It may be located very close to the superstar Cycladic island of Santorini, but it has a totally different style from its neighbor. Anafi is a little, laid back island that has managed to stay off the radar and not be blighted by overdevelopment.

Anafi beaches are scenic! Shingle or sandy, the island’s beaches always reward the visitor with calming moments by the sea. The most popular Anafi beaches, such as Agios Nikolaos and Klisidi, are located around Anafi port, where also many Anafi hotels lie. One of the best things about Anafi island Greece is that everything is within walking distance of the island’s main town. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to visit more Anafi beaches and explore the island at your own pace!

Built on the slopes of high mountains, on an altitude of 200 meters, Chora Anafi, the island’s capital, boasts a unique natural landscape and a mesmerizing view to the Aegean sea. Chora Anafi is the center of the island’s activity, as most of the island’s restaurants, bars and amenities can be found there. In Chora, you’ll also discover many hidden natural secrets, such as caves, natural footpaths, and spots with a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea!

Keeping its traditional identity and tranquil aura, Anafi Greece is a go-to destination for those who’d like to enjoy laid back holidays in a remote Aegean paradise!

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