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General information

Zaros is a charming traditional village located 45 km southwest of Heraklion Town. It is built on the Psiloritis flatland, in a vast area with plenty of vegetation and beautiful trees.
The village is famous for the excellent quality of its running water, which is concentrated in canals and irrigates the plantations. The mineral water called Zaros, which is produced there, is sold all around Greece. The village is also renowned for its production of trout, olive oil, and raisins.

Zaros took its name after the words za (many) and reo (flow), and it basically means the place where many waters flow. Because of the fertility of its land, the village has been inhabited since early ancient times. Water has always played an important role in the inhabitants’ lives, as can be seen from the number of watermills standing there. Ancient Gortyna also used to be supplied with water from the Sterna Spring in Zaros.

At the village, you can visit the lovely Rouvas forest and the Gafari Gorge, where the Votomos Spring lies. A small oasis has been formed near the spring with towering plane trees, a traditional mill, and fountains made of stone. This beautiful spot has been turned into a recreational center and is the location where the only hotel in the village can be found.
You can also admire the impressive Roman aqueduct that has been discovered in the area, as well as some charming monasteries. Vrontissi, Valsamonero, and Saint Nikolaos are three churches really worth visiting.
The Kamares Cave, which was discovered by a peasant in 1890, is also a few kilometers away. The English archaeologists found numerous Minoan multicolored pots in it, called Kamaraika, which are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.
At last, a sight you can’t miss is the Zaros Folklore Museum. Housed in a traditional residence, it boasts a small but admirable collection of everyday life objects and Cretan clothing.

Traditional taverns and restaurants serving excellent Mediterranean and Greek dishes await you at Zaros. You can taste delicious Cretan specialties such as snails, antikristo (barbecued lamb), and savory seafood in a home-like, lovely environment. 

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