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General information

Agioi Deka Heraklion: Agioi Deka is one of the prettiest villages of Crete spread in the fertile valley of Messara. The village is a transport hub between the northern and the southern side of Heraklion and is located only 44 km south of the town, on the way to Tymbaki and Matala.

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Agioi Deka (meaning Ten Saints ) took its name from the ten Cretan men who were killed by the Romans in 250 A.D. because they were Christians.

The tombs of those men are found in the village as well as a stone church dedicated to them. The church was constructed in the 12th century and has a beautiful wooden iconostasis. This village is also important because it was the seat of the first Cretan bishop and protector of the island, Saint Titos.

In close distance to Agioi Deka is the archaeological site of Ancient Gortyn. This town flourished from the Minoan till the Roman times. The remains today include an acropolis, an open theatre, a temple of Apollo, a Christian church and tombs.

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