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General information

Vianos, also known as Ano Vianos, is a large historic village built amphitheatrically on the southern hillside of Mount Dikti. It’s located southeast of Heraklion Town, at a 550-meter altitude. Its population is around 1220 inhabitants, most of whom are engaged in farming.

The charming village is adorned with picturesque old houses, stone fountains, and small squares with little cafes. The wonderful landscape, composed of olive and pine trees, along with abundant running water, creates a really pleasant and authentic atmosphere.

If you're looking for something to eat, you can stop at one of the lovely traditional taverns in the village. The hospitality and warmth of the people, along with the exquisite flavors of the dishes, will be hard to forget.
There are a few comfortable, affordable places to stay in the village, too. The options may be limited, but their hospitable, welcoming atmosphere will give you a pleasant, memorable stay.

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More about Vianos

The village was built on the ruins of old Viennos, or Vienna, which used to be autonomous with its own currency. Although it has not been explored yet, Minoan remains have been discovered after excavations in the surrounding area. The town remained independent until the late 9th century when it was integrated into the Ierapetra Region.
Later on, it was destroyed twice by the Turks, in 1822 and 1866. One century later, the village suffered an even bigger attack, this time from the Germans. Vianos was burned, and around 500 armless men, women, and children were executed. Every 14th of September, a memorial for the victims of the Nazis takes place in the village.
A really important figure in Greek literature, Ioannis Kondylakis, was born there in 1864. He was a famous author, chronicler, and journalist. Every year, 3-day cultural events called Kondylakeia are hosted in Vianos.

On the central square of Vianos, you can see the bust of Ioannis Kondylakis, and right next to it, you will find a watermill.
A sight definitely worth visiting is the Folklore Museum of Vianos. The museum boasts a collection of admirable everyday life exhibits such as coins, photos, agriculture and smithery tools, fabrics, a loom, as well as weapons from World War II. A visit there will definitely bring you closer to the history and tradition of Vianos.
The village is also full of lovely churches that are really worth a visit, including Saint Pelagia, Saint Catherine, Archangel Michael, Saint George, Saint Marina, and Saint Dimitrios. Inside the church dedicated to Saint Pelagia, you will see several frescoes dating to 1360, and the church of Saint George has murals from 1401 on its walls.
At Vianos, you will also see a monument erected in honor of the inhabitants who were killed by the Germans.
In the wider region lies the sanctuary of Hermes and Aphrodite in Kato Symi, as well as the Viglas Cave, with its impressive stalagmites and stalactites.


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