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Return home for El Greco

• Crete, Heraklion
The Mayor of Heraklion presented a few days ago the new museum that opened in the town of Heraklion, in the gate Bethlehem of the Venetian Walls. The museum "El Greco: Return home" includes works of the famous Cretan artist Domenicos Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco.
Posted on Mar 10, 2009 Category: News

Meeting on energy and environment

Mar 14, 2009 — Mar 14, 2009 • Crete, Heraklion
Meeting about Energy and Environment- Green responses to climatic changes is organized in Heraklion, Crete, by the political party Ecologist Green.
Posted on Mar 05, 2009 Category: Events

Cretan diet saves German tourists

• Crete, Heraklion
A German doctor, the director of a Cardiological Clinic in Bavaria, has done researches and surveys and has proven that the Cretan diet reduces the risk of a heart attack on patients with heart problems.
Posted on Feb 27, 2009 Category: News

Greek hotel awarded best in Europe

• Crete, Heraklion
Lato Boutique Hotel, a luxurious hotel in the town of Heraklion Crete, recently got two awards in the 15th World Travel Awards Ceremony for Europe Winners, which was held in Slovakia. In fact, it was awarded as "Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel" and "Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel" for 2008.
Posted on Feb 04, 2009 Category: News

Art exhibition in Saint Mark Basilica

Jan 08, 2009 — Jan 17, 2009 • Crete, Heraklion
The art exhibition that was inaugurated last night in the Basilica of Saint Mark and will last till Saturday, January 17th, is a tribute of honour to many Greek artists.
Posted on Jan 09, 2009 Category: Events

Christmas Bazaar in Hersonisos

Dec 07, 2008 — Dec 07, 2008 • Crete, Heraklion
The Women Association of Hersonisos organize for the 7th year a Christmas Bazaar in Evangelistria square, Hersonisos village. The bazaar will take place in the evening of Sunday, December 7th.
Posted on Dec 04, 2008 Category: Events

Painting Exhibition of Charis Vailakis

Dec 02, 2008 — Dec 12, 2008 • Crete, Heraklion
The 7th personal painting exhibition of the architect Charis Vailakis is inaugurated today evening in the Basilica of Saint Mark in Heraklion, Crete.
Posted on Dec 02, 2008 Category: Events

Conflict of taxi drivers and municipality

• Crete, Heraklion
A great controversy has risen in Heraklion between the taxi drivers and the local authorities, after the decision of the municipality to install minibuses that will move people around the town for free. This measure certainly hits severely the interests of the taxi drivers.
Posted on Nov 28, 2008 Category: News

Horse Festival

Nov 29, 2008 — Nov 30, 2008 • Crete, Heraklion
A very special event is organized by the Municipality of Alikarnassos, close to Heraklion Crete, and the Horse Club of Heraklion: a Horse Festival!
Posted on Nov 24, 2008 Category: Events

Reformation of the Old Town

• Crete, Heraklion
The Heraklion Association of Architects are asking for a new reformation plan of the Old Town of Heraklion, as the present plan, which exists since 1936, does not reform but destroys this beautiful and historical neighbourhood.
Posted on Oct 22, 2008 Category: News

Archaeological findings in the port

• Crete, Heraklion
Findings of great historical importance have been found during the restoration operations at the Port of Heraklion, Crete. A related research is going to take place
Posted on Jul 30, 2008 Category: News

Cruise ship docks safely after crack in hull

• Crete, Heraklion
A Greek cruise ship carrying more than 1,200 passengers and crew docked safely at the port of Piraeus after discovering a large crack in its hull
Posted on May 09, 2008 Category: News

Urban lifestyle exhibition at the Historical Museum of Crete

• Crete, Heraklion
Urban Life an exhibition showcasing exhibits from the urban life between the end of the 19th century to the interwar period is currently on at the Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion
Posted on Feb 09, 2007 Category: News

Shop owner caught in Crete antiquities raid

• Crete, Heraklion
Authorities said yesterday that they may have found links between a 60-year-old businessman arrested in Heraklion, Crete, for possessing illegal antiquities
Posted on Jun 15, 2006 Category: News

The new airport of Crete

• Crete, Heraklion
The Greek government has announced its plan to build a new airport on the island of Crete in order to replace the over-stretched Nikos Kazantzakis International Airport of Heraklion
Posted on Feb 04, 2006 Category: News

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