Cretan diet saves German tourists

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A German doctor, the director of a Cardiological Clinic in Bavaria, has done researches and surveys and has proven that the Cretan diet reduces the risk of a heart attack on patients with heart problems. According to an article of the German newspaper Deutche Welle, every year this doctor organizes trip to Crete in which his patients participate as well as a special group of chefs, psychologists amd doctors. As the German cardiologist reports, the percentage of heart attacks in Crete is much less that the counties of Northern Greece, Finland for example. In a survey done between 1988-1996, results showed that the 300 patients that were nourished with Cretan diet had a 60% lower death rate than the patients nourished with the European and American standards. The Cretan diet bases on lots of vegetables, fruits, olive oil, legumes, fish and a reduced consumption of meat (only once a week). Every year, in May and in the first week of October, the German cardiologist brings his patients in groups of about 60-80 people to have holidays in Crete and have real Cretan food. They usually go to Hersonisos, Rethymno and Malia village, close to Chania. Although at first he thought that this project wouldn't be successful (the trip from German to Crete is long), the respond in huge during the five years of the project.