Thessaly Festivals

Information about the Festivals in Thessaly, in Greece but also information about the festivals and panigiria in many locations of the group: Thessaly Greece is a region strongly connected with religion and tradition. Every year, there are many festivities in various villages of Thessaly Greece.
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Religious festivals

Easter in Meteora

Easter is a very solemn occasion in Meteora, attended by thousands of visitors from Greece and other Orthodox countries. Easter customs are kept with austerity in Meteora and it is very interesting to attend the services of the Holy Week. On Easter Sunday, in the villages around Meteora, each family prepares the traditional lamb of the pit.

April 23rd in Pelion

On April 23rd, on the feast of Agios Georgios, there is a large panigiri in Keramidi in Pelion. After the litany of the icon, the locals celebrate with traditional dancing in the square, with visitors are offered a local dish called "pligouri".

August 15th in Pelion

There are panigiria organized in most villages of Pelion on that day. Particularly popular are the panigiria in Vizitsa, Agios Lavrentios, and Kala Nera.

Cultural events

May 1st in Trikeri

On May 1st, in the village of Trikeri, southern Pelion revives the custom of the traditional wedding. All women wear their traditional costumes and people gather at the village square to drink local wine and dance.

Tsipouro Festival in Katihori

In June, the village of Katihori close to Portaria Pelion celebrates the Tsipouro Festival. There is a representation of the production of tsipouro. People dance traditional dances in the square and of course, they are offered free tsipouro.

Apple Festival in Zagora

In the first week of September, there is an Apple Festival in Zagora, eastern Pelion, a village with rich apple production.

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