Mesolongi Map

Mesolongi is a beautiful town that in Sterea region, the capital of Eteloalarnania prefecture, located between the rivers of Acheloos and Evinos. It is the only place in Greece that is strongly identified with the events of the Greek Revolution in 1821, famous for the heroic Exodus. Mesolongi is also the birthplace of many renowned Greek figures in the arts and letters as well as politicians. The most famous among them is the writer Kostis Palamas and the poet Lord Byron who lived and died in Mesolongi.

Today, Mesolongi is one of the liveliest towns in Sterea, thriving with activity with a plethora of students, studying at the local university and many Athenians who enjoy a tour in the historical areas of Greece. Of great interest is the Garden of Heroes, an idyllic environment dedicated to all the political and military figures who took part in the Greek revolution. The garden hosts the tombs of renowned personalities, among them is the heart of Lord Byron while his body was sent back to England.

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Map Of Mesolongi