Mesolongi Geography

The lovely town of Mesolongi is the capital of the prefecture of Etoloakarnania, the largest prefecture of Greece. Located on the western side of the country, just at the joint of the Patras Gulf to the Ionian Sea, Mesolongi stands on the site of great geological importance. The most characteristic feature of Mesolongi is the sea lake, around which the town has been built. This sea lake is strongly connected with the recent history of the town.

The lake was formed by the outfalls of the rivers Achelos and Evinos. The material that these rivers bring is emptied to the sea and creates a natural reserve of great importance, where birds make their nests and vivarium work for the reproduction of fish. In fact, the sea lake of Mesolongi is the most popular birdwatching spot in Greece.

The geography of Mesolongi counts on many rivers, streams and a rich natural environment. Two small islands are found inside the lake: Tourlida island, which is connected to the town through a narrow path, and Klisova island, secluded and with a church on top. The region around Mesolongi is mountainous and has many small villages. On the north of Mesolongi, there are high mountainsides, gorges and steep forests, an area great for trekking.

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