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Mesolongi Greece is the capital of Etoloakarnania, the biggest district in Greece. It is known because of its heroic role in the Revolution of 1821, and particularly for the historical Exodus of the citizens during the Turkish siege in 1826.

Some of the remains that serve as a living testimony of this are the gate of the legendary exodus (sortie), and the Garden of Heroes, with monuments dedicated to the bravest fighters, like Markos Botsaris, as well as to other stand out characters that developed important roles on the seek for freedom, such as Lord Byron, who lived and died on Mesolongi, and Kostis Palamas, a famous Greek poet.

In addition, the tombs of the warriors fallen in the Turkish siege can be visited, as well as the several museums that host important exponents of varied subjects, such as the writer Palamas, modern art, and war.

However, Mesolongi provides a great natural environment as well, such as the big sea lake found between the mouths of the rivers Evinos and Acheloos. In the northern part, the lake gets narrower and we find a small inhabited island named "Etolikos" after which it gets wide again, and forms what is known as the salt lake of Etoliko. On the southeast side of Mesolongi lagoon, the small salt lake of Kleisova is formed. This lagoon, apart from being very picturesque, is full of fish, and it is also ideal for bird-watching.

On the valley of Mesolongi, there are also other towns, such as Plevrona, a famous Acropolis of Etolia, where an ancient castle commonly known as Castle of Kyra-Rini is still erected, while there are ruins of a small theatre, as well as of an old marketplace, and a large dam. In fact, Mesolongi can be taken advantage of as a great base of operations to explore the rest of Etolaokarnania.

The nice beach of Tourlida is a great attraction, too. Regarding the available facilities, there are several taverns where local dishes like barbecued eels and fish can be enjoyed, and there are also enough accommodation options. Taking this information into account, we can conclude that Mesolongi is characterized by its valuable historical places, and its picturesque locations. The surrounding areas have great potential in these terms as well, so they can certainly enrich the vacations on this site.

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8 Reviews
  • irini27 22 Oct 2009
    Inspiring place
    Tired of visiting only Greek crowded islands? Definitely try Messolongi and its beautiful lagoon! This is a picturesque city not too far from Athens with a significant historical background as the heroic Exodus of the locals during the Greek Revolution of 1821. When I enter the city through the exodus gate, the first think I see is the Garden of Heroes. This was my initial march to seek what was this place about! So, if you are a history buff like myself, visit Ancient Kalidon, the ruined castle of Kira Rini and the monastery of Agios Symeon. And if all this sound boring to you and you are dying for swimming, then below were my choices during my staying there: the town of Astakos and its white, sandy beaches, the small islands of Etoliko (well, well, you will have to cross an old stone bridge!) and the tiny islands of Kalamos and Kastos, where you can go by ferry from Astakos. Mesolongi has inspired so many poets, such Lord Byron, Palamas and Solomos, so why not you?
  • 3487ott 04 Mar 2009
    Walk barefeet on the lake
    Our tour around Greece this summer had a stop for lunch in Mesolongi. After we visited gorgeous Nafpaktos, Mesolongi seemed to us quite mediocre. Now that I am rethinking about it and that I see the photos again, I tell you it was pretty nice and worth to go. To my mind, it has only two attractions: the sea lake and the garden of the heroes. The lake is very picturesque with wooden houses built over the waters. Walk on the shores with no shoes and relax. Locals are very welcoming. Even if they don't speak English, they can get through you.
  • kostaskon 16 Nov 2008
    Riding a bike in Mesolongi
    We didn't stay for long in Mesolongi, just a few hours to rest from driving. Most of all, I was impressed to see so many people riding a bike. This is pretty unusual for a Greek city. I could see even small children and old men riding side by side. Close to the town centre, there was a nice garden with statues of heroes, tall trees and much greenery. We stayed for a coffee at a nice cafe with view to the lake. As it was autumn, the view was very romantic, with light clouds in the sky and birds looking for food in the lake.
  • adelisa245 11 Sep 2008
    Have a peaceful vacation in Mesolongi
    We didn't stay but a few days in Mesolongi to visit my husband's grandparents who live there. It is a nice city and not much alive, which is a good thing if you want to stay a bit away from large commercial stores and big lights. The highlights are the sea lake, of course, and the garden of the heroes, very calm area close to the busy centre. I just didn't like the beach, because it was quiet dark and seemed not very good for swimming to me.
  • iliasgek34 18 Jun 2008
    Should be more developed
    Obviously not famous for its beaches or crazy nightlife. However, it is a nice, small city with interesting landscape around. If you go to Mesolongi, you should definitely also go to Nafpaktos, Patras, Agrinio and other small villages who are within a distance of 1 hour drive. I am Greek and I know these places well because my grandparents live there. It is a pity that the area around Mesolongi has not been touristically developed, as it is ideal for this new kind of tourism that we call agrotourism.
  • ekate5658 14 Apr 2008
    A lovely small city
    Last September, on our car trip towards Corfu, we stopped to spend the night in Mesolongi. We stayed in a nice hotel, not very expensive because the city doesn't attract many tourists, like other Greek places. However, we had a lovely time! We ate delicious fish in a tavern. The fish was fresh because Mesologi has three big lagoons. People were friendly and I was glad to see children playing in the square. It is a scene we don't see often nowadays. The next morning, we strolled around in the city and visited the War Museum in the harbour and the Garden of Heroes. We wanted to go to the vivariums of the lagoons but unfortunately
    didn't have much time. That's why I want to come back one day and visit those vivariums by motorboat!!
  • david_f 19 Jan 2008
    Mesolongi and its lakes
    I have visited around six countries in Europe, Greece also. I like discovering new places and visiting those less known by the tourists. While searching in the web, I discovered Mesolongi and I was attracted by the lakes, I thought it would be interesting to go. We arrived there in July the 3rd and stayed for five days. We took the bus from the bus station in Athens, where we arrived by plane. The trip from there lasts about 3 hours. We discovered the traditional taverns, we tried 'ouzo' served with various appetizers. I didn't dear trying the local boiled eel, but I liked 'bourgeto' very much, it's fish prepared in the pot with tomatoes and vegetables, delicious.. The lakes are also worth a visit, the sunset there is beautiful. I would recommend a visit to Tourlida, a great sandy beach 10 km from Mesolongi, while the road to it is wonderful, because it goes through the lakes!
  • zazie 07 Jan 2008
    An european city
    I visited Mesolongi last year and found this little town really cute.
    I just stayed there for a couple of hours so I just had some walks in the town. Life there looks really easy going. I was really impressed by all these people on bicycle. It was amazing. I live in Athens and never seen so many greek people on a bicycle before. Greek people avoid exercise :)