Introduction & General Information

Mesolongi Greece is the capital of Etoloakarnania, the biggest district in Greece. It is known because of its heroic role in the Revolution of 1821, and particularly for the historical Exodus of the citizens during the Turkish siege in 1826.

Some of the remains that serve as a living testimony of this are the gate of the legendary exodus (sortie), and the Garden of Heroes, with monuments dedicated to the bravest fighters, like Markos Botsaris, as well as to other stand out characters that developed important roles on the seek for freedom, such as Lord Byron, who lived and died on Mesolongi, and Kostis Palamas, a famous Greek poet.

In addition, the tombs of the warriors fallen in the Turkish siege can be visited, as well as the several museums that host important exponents of varied subjects, such as the writer Palamas, modern art, and war.

However, Mesolongi provides a great natural environment as well, such as the big sea lake found between the mouths of the rivers Evinos and Acheloos. In the northern part, the lake gets narrower and we find a small inhabited island named "Etolikos" after which it gets wide again, and forms what is known as the salt lake of Etoliko. On the southeast side of Mesolongi lagoon, the small salt lake of Kleisova is formed. This lagoon, apart from being very picturesque, is full of fish, and it is also ideal for bird-watching.

On the valley of Mesolongi, there are also other towns, such as Plevrona, a famous Acropolis of Etolia, where an ancient castle commonly known as Castle of Kyra-Rini is still erected, while there are ruins of a small theatre, as well as of an old marketplace, and a large dam. In fact, Mesolongi can be taken advantage of as a great base of operations to explore the rest of Etolaokarnania.

The nice beach of Tourlida is a great attraction, too. Regarding the available facilities, there are several taverns where local dishes like barbecued eels and fish can be enjoyed, and there are also enough accommodation options. Taking this information into account, we can conclude that Mesolongi is characterized by its valuable historical places, and its picturesque locations. The surrounding areas have great potential in these terms as well, so they can certainly enrich the vacations on this site.

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