Mesolongi Festivals & Cultural Events

The festivals of Mesolongi are lively occasions where the calm atmosphere of the city gets more cheerful. All saints of Messolongi are celebrated with small or big feasts prepared by the locals but the major annual event that takes place in this historic city is the feast of Saint Simeon.

Religious feasts & festivals

Saint Simeon
The historical monastery of Saint Simeon is where the people of Mesolongi went to seek refugee after the Exodus. This monastery celebrates twice a year, on February 2nd and on the Holy Spirit Day. These festivities include horse racing, traditional dancing in the park outside the monastery and lambs on the spit.

Cultural events

Exodus Festival
Every year, on the Palm Sunday, there is the Commemoration of Exodus. The festivities include a large school and military parade in the central streets of the town and honoring speeches to the heroes of the Greek Revolution in the Garden of Heroes.