Skyros Geography

Skyros is a small island that belongs to the Sporades complex, along with Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos. It is a bit far from these three islands and close to Evia, which is why its history is more connected to Evia than the rest of the Sporades. Geographically, it is located in the center of the Aegean Sea but seems in distance from other islands or from the mainland.

The geography of Skyros reveals countless spots where you can admire some relaxation and stunning views of the sea. The northern side of Skyros distinguishes for its greenery, the pine forests, and the rocky beaches. The highest peak there is Olympos, at an altitude of 367 meters. The southern side of Skyros is more barren, while beaches have soft sand. The highest peak on the south is Kochilas, at 792 meters.

Most of the activities on Skyros concentrate in Chora. The rest settlements all over the island come alive in summer only. Although the landscape is pretty wild, roads are good but a bit windy. On the northernmost spot of Skyros, there is a small airport.

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