Skyros Local products

This island is characterized for its genuine natural charm, its fertile land and lush vegetation which favor the agriculture and cattle breeding activities. Some of the most authentic local products here came to be low-fat dairy products, such as feta cheese, graviera, which is similar to hard cheddar cheese and mizithra or xinotiri that tastes like yogurt. One can also get protein-rich olives, fine quality local wine and the best choice of wild honey and some herbs here. There are also many noteworthy local fruits and special sweets.

Skyros is known for its rich tradition in the art of embroideries, ceramics, and wooden furniture. The local products are available in many shops in Skyros Town. One of the famous local cuisine items loved by tourists here is yaprakia, which are stuffed vine leaves. There are also traditional foods like goat prepared in lemon, tyropita (cheese pie) and seafood.